Richie Hawtin owns up to enigmatic Plus 8 releases

The English-born Canadian musician and DJ has stopped the rumour mill from working overtime by confirming that the two October releases from his (and John Acquaviva’s) Plus 8 label are in fact his work.  Many have speculated about the artist behind the white label tracks since they are so full of the drum-heavy techno style, for which Hawtin is known, under the moniker Plastikman.

Hawtin has been speaking to about how the concept for his new project “From My Mind to Yours” was developed and it seems as though the mystery has been solved… The two 12-inches were sold through Berlin’s Hard Wax record store, who were one of the first stores in Germany to import his early records and in the video Hawtin speaks of how this is a kind of “thank you” and a “return” of sorts.  Hard Wax has now been able to credit Plastikman, along with other aliases Robotman and Childsplay on the tracks, and there is more to come this Friday 11th December.

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