Review: Venturing Into An Electro Alien World In Cygnus’ ‘Connection Error’

Cygnus | Connection Error (EP) | Craigie Knowes

Release Date: 3 February, 2020

Eclecticism in electronic music allows a producer to create a unique voice in an industry that (like any other) can find itself oversaturated with artists looking to break through; but with the ability to incorporate the diversity of genres into a unique and coherent whole without sounding disjointed – and still boasting it’s appeal to audiophiles dedicated to the specific techniques of one genre – is a valuable and refreshing skill in any setting.

Texan producer Cygnus is an artist that knows his way around a myriad of genres; a prominent force in Dallas’ electro realm, the artist has also immersed himself in various left-field dance-genres, delving into worlds of IDM and techno on the dancefloor. With the ability to blend influences into a vibrant, striking personality – Cynus has seen releases spanning labels such as Breakin’ Records, CPU, Fundamental and his very own imprint, Biosoft. His latest EP release on Craigie Knowes entitled ‘Connection Error’ showcases the producers ability to effortlessly weave a variety of sounds into an intricate gossamer web.

Ebony Starlight‘ glitters with saccharine synths; jovial claps open the track in a buoyant, upbeat rhythm – the intricate addition of curious, playful timbres shimmering in a tender, digital dance. The aura of minimalist IDM sculpts a honeyed backbone; radiant electronics sweep the soundscape in a firefly swirl. A colourful glow emits a rosy luminosity in the distinct, atmospheric nature of the track – brimming with a personality that retains a sense of tranquility within it’s inherently upbeat and fun nature.

My Secret Data‘ revels in science-fiction bliss; an aura vivid with spacecraft radiation, an extraterrestrial submerge into resonant electronic obscurity – images spring to mind of otherworldly technology in its fluctuating distortion, laser beams ricocheting between walls of unfamiliar materials. Oscillating cyber-synths weave in accompaniment with the raw percussion, low, submerged digital voices lurking beneath the surface. The feel of retro video game soundtracks cradle ‘My Secret Data‘, an aura of mystery surrounding the track as if exploring the unknown, searching the winding corridors of an alien vehicle – determined to reach a goal – yet never knowing what lies around the corner.

Connection Error‘ opens with a lively beat; effortless to dance to – sunny in its disposition – the signature hi-tech cyber-swirl feel of the album gleams within the lucid swells of atmospheric synths before the track segues into an unexpected, darker tone. The prolonged notes of an out-of-this-world synth seeps through with a feeling of uneasiness; the juxtaposition of the slightly ominous tone with the dynamic rhythm of the bassline beguiling as it progresses into a rich, hypnotic soundscape. Lush with lively electro timbres, the contrasting elements of the track flow smoothly into a mesmerising whole.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Cygnus via DJ MAG

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