Review: The Surreal Midnight Realms Of ‘Deathbed’ & ‘Sooner’ By Alex Somers

Alex Somers | Deathbed / Sooner | Krunk

Siblings’ & ‘Siblings 2’ Double Album Release Date: 19 March, 2021

Prolific musician and composer Alex Somers has announced the release of double LPs titled ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’; with the release of singles ‘Deathbed’ and ‘Sooner’ our first taste of what is to come. 

Outside of his frequent collaborations with Icelandic musician Jónsi, ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’ are solo endeavours under his own name. The iconic composer never fails to disappoint, and the incredible atmospheric nature of the two tracks showcase this in an exemplary manner.

‘Deathbed’ is taken from ‘Siblings’, and ‘Sooner’ from ‘Siblings 2’; yet both retain an outstanding theatrical prowess when it comes to composing narratives – a skill that Somers is best known for.

A dark, brooding aura envelops ‘Deathbed’ as ghostly whispering textures rise and fall in limbo; the striking and deeply unnerving use of which shrouded in a theatrical midnight soundscape. Easily, ‘Deathbed’, perhaps unsurprisingly holds within it a haunting narrative that encapsulates a feeling of despair and mystery, the perfect accompaniment to a horror film.

‘Sooner’ shimmers with a tone that comes across as gentler and more delicate, with a beautifully atmospheric and melodic feel within the use of tender textures. While both tracks are captivating in their melancholia, one can’t help but notice that both cradle a feeling of hope, light amongst the darkness.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Alex Somers by Bella Howard