Review: The Soft-Hearted Sunlit Melancholy Of Christian Löffler’s ‘Lys’

Christian Löffler | Lys | Ki Records

Release Date: 20 March, 2020

Within the work of Christian Löffler lies visions that are so strikingly intimate and raw, it’s as if the producer has grasped the very core of what he wishes to express and shaped it, little by little, into an artwork that not only stands a personal auditory reflection, but an intricate collection of narratives. Inspiration can be drawn from major, distinct events or even the smallest of observations – and for Löffler, his influences collect over time – an immersion within – and respect for – his natural surroundings, the warmth of the familiar, the writing process, travel, sketches, drawings, paintings – emotions and memories

In his latest release ‘Lys’ – which serves as sequel to his previous album ‘Graal’ – Löffler draws on the intersection between visual and auditory stimuli; with ‘Lys’ aptly translating to ‘Light’ from Danish – deeply inspired by the breathtaking surroundings of Löfflers home. ‘Graal’ stands in direct contrast to it’s sequel, as it was largely written while the artist travelled between live shows – whereas ‘Lys’ was formed between the walls of the producers home studio. As the album artworks suggest when placed in comparison, Löffler latched onto the rough sketches that embody the aura of ‘Graal’, and fashioned them into a clearer portrait: with ‘Lys’ embodying the beautiful melancholia of the artist’s unmistakable style.

As the opening track of ‘Lys’, ‘Farr‘ beautifully sets the tone for the rest of the album; greeted with tender, delicate swells glimmering with an angelic melancholia – the thoughtful, ghostly soundscape shimmers as an icy embrace – cold hands cradling the infinite potential of a blank canvas. Crystalline textures swim together in resonance, submerging their voices into the minimalism of a soft-hearted beat. Glittering echoic chimes ricochet in an an elegant dance, melodious and imbued with emotion. Ghostly synths cry out over the progressive, glacial beat, layers of timbre sculpting a rich, atmospheric journey. The airy, ambient intimacy of the track exhibits Löffler’s auditory personality to a tee, while gleaming with an aura crisp and fresh – elements of deep house and minimalist techno sparkling with immersion.

Inhaling, exhaling: electronic fluctuations cradle ‘Noah‘s greeting; dousing an introspective heart in an intimate ambient frost, sunlight reflecting off a chilly, ghostly soundscape. The tender cold droplets of melting icicles glisten in their fall, the liquid textures drizzling gracefully as Löffler’s soft, soulful vocals colour the touching sadness slumbering within the track. The gossamer gloom of the meticulously crafted atmosphere nurses stirring waves of emotion in their timbres, tranquility shivering with each tender lap of an isolated shore.

Roth (feat. Mohna)’ showcases the more dance-oriented side of Löffler’s sound; while still gracefully minimalist and ingrained with deeply personal, strikingly emotional ambient melancholia – the track embraces his prowess when it comes to fashioning a unique and affectionate approach to deep-house, remaining noticeably more upbeat than the rest of ‘Lys‘ – yet still effortlessly harmonising with album as a coherent whole. Greeted with a driven, steady beat that gradually blossoms into a sunny, digitized crescendo – rhythmic claps dot the cyber-space textures as songstress Mohna‘s dulcet vocals glow with sincerity, the track glittering bright, luminous and distinctly thoughtful.

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Rating: 8.5 / 10

Feature Image: Christian Löffler – Self Portrait