Single Review: The Luxurious, Sparkling Warmth Of Teen Daze’s ‘Reality Refresh’

Teen Daze | Reality Refresh (single) | Flora

Release Date: 29 May, 2020

“Sometimes, we all need a refresh…”

Hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia, producer and musician Jamison Isaak is well known for his extensive catalogue of music; working under multiple monikers since his musical debut in 2010, the artist has delved into a shimmering spider web of electronic genres, weaving elements of atmospheric, ambient synth-pop, upbeat, vivid dance cuts and textural, electronic meditation into a kaleidoscopic career.

When working under the pseudonym Teen Daze, Isaak retains his distinct focus on melody and sculpting immersive atmospheres; this shines through in his other projects, the buoyant dance of Pacific Coliseum and the quiet speculation of Two Bicycles, but while the artist’s personality is bright within his works regardless of which approach he chooses to take – his work as Teen Daze always manages to remain fresh and new, avoiding repetition or in contrast, disconnection – regardless of what he is inspired by at the time.

With the release of his latest single ‘Reality Refresh’ we see a sunlit experimentation differing from his previous chillwave-drenched LP release ‘Bioluminescence’ but, as the title of the single itself suggests, the track comes across as a genuinely refreshing release from the increasingly dynamic and enthusiastic artist via his own imprint Flora.

The calm, joyful minimalism of ‘Reality Refresh‘s upbeat, driven percussion glimmers with a radiant idyllic aura that stands out in true Teen Daze fashion; the simplicity of the track’s progression works perfectly with the overall cheerful tone that makes it so lovingly charming – a track one is able to listen to with ease, while still presenting the mesmer of fluid, hypnotic movement that would inspire one to dance.

The delicately interwoven combination of timbres compliment each other smoothly and effortlessly; the intricately layered composition sculpting an atmosphere rich with texture, which allows for the track to exude a sense of luxury and tranquility – a dive into a bright, holiday realm lit with the warm relaxation of midday sunbeams. A brief ambient interlude places an attentive, tender focus on a sparkling sunny melody, complimenting the low, pulsing heartbeat in a shimmering, lavish swirl.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Teen Daze by @pleena