Review: The Lush Tropical Paradise Of K-LONE’s ‘Cape Cira’

K-LONE | Cape Cira | Wisdom Teeth

Release Date: 24 April, 2020

The ways that music affect us as humans is always an interesting prospect to ponder; throughout the natural world, non-human animals engage in all-sorts of rhythmic dances, melodic love-ballads – intricately woven timbres, movements and tones that shape communication between all species.

While all of these apply to us, in a myriad of both conscious and unconscious ways; on of the most engaging aspects, as if diving into a novel, is that of escapism. Time away from the spaces we inhabit, whether they be the difficulties we face within ourselves or the turbulence of the world that surrounds us.

While well-known for his club-cuts, the debut LP by UK producer and DJ K-LONE draws from a myriad of influences that stray away from the dance world. ‘Cape Cira’ was sculpted as a form of escapism from a dreary winter, embracing the intricate timbres of the spaces in between the natural world and a digital realm – the organic beauty of what lies beyond our windows, and the cyber-glitches between our four walls, with ‘Cape Cira’ creating a dreamlike realm that isn’t either, or.

The opening track ‘Yelli‘ sets the tone for the rest of the album; lavish visions of a deserted tropical paradise spring to mind – the pleasantly subtle chirping of kaleidoscopic birds simmering beneath the graceful rippling ballads of crickets – a lush, vibrant landscape teeming with life. The saturated wooden tone of the steady melodic heartbeat pulses with a resonant warmth, a balmy sun dancing steadily amongst the swaying green of palm leaves; timbres reminiscent of rosewood marimbas and xylophones beam radiantly in their joyful, harmonious drive.

An effortless blend of organic, earthy textures: driven, confident and pounding intently in the distinct play on the juxtaposition between natural, acoustic textures and the consistent throb of dance-floor beats. Honeyed chimes glitter in their lyrical swirl, the delicate tranquility segueing into a shimmering ambience – swelling soundscapes and the sounds of nature an immersive refresh, as the track returns to the repetition of its rhythm – a blend of techno and house energised in the tropical luminescence.

The delicate cascading ambience of ‘Bluefin‘ is an immersion into an idyllic ocean-scape; the calm resonance of rising and falling synths amongst crisp drizzling textures fall delicately over an unassuming beat – waterfalls, streams, the ebb and flow of a calm, clear-blue ocean present a fluid serenity as birds chirrup happily – a peaceful, reflective space, undisturbed and meditative. The cool, metallic rhythm glitters in gossamer waves, melodious and kind – the self-assured beat and layers of textures sculpting a soundscape as lush as forests never before explored; quiet spaces for us to reflect, a transportive realm away from all the chaos.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: K-LONE – photographer not stated.