Review: The “Deep Reggaeton” Flow Of DJ Python’s ‘Mas Amable’

DJ Python | Mas Amable | Incienso

Release Date: 10 April, 2020

The way in which an album flows can often be a clear, glittering approach to craft and narrative within itself; the angst of stop / start tracks placed one after the other is a statement within itself – or effortless fluidity of gradual changes in textures, tempo and tone can take one on a meditative journey.

In Brian Piñeyro’s latest release ‘Mas Amable’ under his moniker DJ Python, the versatility of the American producer’s composition ebbs and flows as naturally a single entity; the organic rhythm of ocean waves, compelled forward gently.

‘Mas Amable’ exists as a its own being; an album where track descriptions are difficult to single out and define as the traverse throughout the album works effortlessly as an intricately woven tapestry. When one begins a craft, we begin – at the beginning – one thread at a time, braiding into the second, into the third and fourth, knots and ties, odds and ends formed into one; and the way in which the album progresses presents as if we are following Piñeyro as he carefully sews together his artwork.

The gradual build from the album’s opener ‘Te Conocí‘ – a lush soundscape of calm, drizzling ambience – to its follower ‘Pia’ is an evident showcase of the smooth, polished approach to progression; the gentle wash of ‘Te Conocí‘s tranquil, cascading ambience segues fluidly into ‘Pia‘s bold, rhythmic techno-style beats – a mix of an idyllic, drum & bass-esque, glittering IDM soundscape that retains the textural electronics of its predecessor, which is, essentially, the perfect summation for the way in which the album flows.

Each track retains the essence of the journey Piñeyro has sculpted, slumbering within ‘Mas Amable’ – while the album is best listened to from start to finish, elements within each individual track shine vividly as each thread in our metaphorical tapestry; each chosen timbre is an integral part of its cohesion, the progression within the album alluring in the buoyancy of its rhythmic structures. As the album blossoms, the ebb and flow of heavy, intense beats and obscure, oscillating synths allow themselves into the forefront – managing to delve into the effortless stream that is ‘Mas Amable’ without breaking focus and introducing a curious, bewitching atmosphere.

Mas Amable’ allows for the type hypnotic waves that draw listeners into a shimmering sea, yet each track is not lost in the delicate segues that form the album; the relationship is symbiotic, as if each individual has come together in companionship to form a mesmerising whole.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: DJ Python by Ezra Miller