Review: The Dazzling, Starry Groove Of ‘Black Hole’ By Glowbug x Lourdes Hernández

Glowbug x Lourdes Hernández | Black Hole | Glowbug / Self-Released

Release Date: 15 January, 2021

Daniel Anderson may be known as one half of nostalgic post-hardcore band Idiot Pilot, but for the past few years has been working under his solo moniker Glowbug. In collaboration with Spanish indie-folk musician Lourdes Hernández aka Russian Red, the duo have released ‘Black Hole‘ – a genre-bending, radiant cut that sings akin to 80’s and 90’s pop-rock with disco and even funk elements.

The vocals of both Anderson and Hernández work in dazzling companionship; with harmonies complimenting the striking earworm groove of ‘Black Hole’s substantial use of fascinating textures. Infectious melodies and lyrics, whirling brass hooks and robust basslines capture an almost anthemic atmosphere – we will have this one stuck in our heads for days, that’s for sure.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Glowbug by Brittany Bresson