Review: The Dark Pop-Star Heart of Grimes ‘Miss Anthropocene’

Grimes | Miss Anthropocene | 4AD

Release Date: 21 February, 2020

Poet of destruction,
Hereby declare that Global Warming is good.

So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,
Lest you be forgotten.
Why lament?

Be who you are, embrace your demise,
For you are the architect of it.

How smart you are, to eradicate a species as resilient as your own.
Why deny your power?

It’s the greatest show in the universe.
Celebrate with me, the most momentous of deaths.

Now is the time to burn twice as bright and half as long.

Miss Anthropocene

As the awareness of the current (and impending) catastrophes of the climate crisis has reached a significant epoch, the majority of us inevitably find ourselves in a turmoil-state of what has been officially coined as ‘eco-anxiety’. The proposed term for this period in time is that of the Anthropocene era; a geological epoch defined by the significant (and detrimental) impact humankind has had on the earth, our dominance on the environment. Although not officially recognised, and with dates being debated (some geologists argue the Anthropocene era began with the industrial revolution, for example) – it seems a fitting term for the world we now inhabit.

Embodying this concept Grimes fashioned Miss Anthropocene as the Goddess of the Climate Crisis in her 5th album release; an entity ready to bring about the end of everything – in a good way; the ending we as humans have brought upon ourselves. The anticipation surrounding the release of Miss Anthropocene has spanned a significant period of time, especially as the artist faced challenges due to early track leaks. However, it seems the wait was well-worth it for many fans as Miss Anthropocene is unlike any of Grimes previous releases; establishing the artists journey from underground indie artist to highly celebrated pop-sensation.

The natural feel of ‘Delete Forever‘s rhythmic acoustic opening shimmers with a bright, sunny disposition; a direct contrast to the broken-hearted lyrics, incandescent with an introspective melancholia – Grimes’ herself reflected on the meaning of the lyrics, which concern the death of her friends who have lost their lives due to opiate abuse: heartbreaking and filled with sorrow. The earthy, organic style of Grimes’ vocals throughout the track are highlighted in their clean, singer-songwriter style; vastly different to the use of vibrant, otherworldly effects in many of her works. The standard structure of the track, with a steady 4/4 beat and verse-chorus-verse progression gleams with the catchy atmosphere of a country-pop song: highlighted by the juxtaposition of the airy, sweet atmosphere and the devastating theme of the song – hints of glittering banjo melodies and heavy-hearted strings add touches of texture as the track reaches its close.

IDORU‘ greets listeners with the cheerful chirping of birds; an atmosphere blooming with the soft light of morning – swirling dust moats of electronics fluttering as stars in the spotlight of sunlit beams. Grimes’ saccharine vocals glow with a light-hearted longing, a playful synth sparkling in a jovial sweep; reminiscent of levels in video games that cradle airy, vibrant realms, filled with colour. The atmospheric whirl of layered electronics fashion a sprightly dance, upbeat and buoyant. The genuine fun woven into ‘IDORU‘ stands out as a prime example of Grimes’ striking ability to craft a distinctly unique pop-song filled with her signature personality.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Grimes for Adidas x Stella McCartney