Review: The Atmospheric Adrenaline of Andrea’s ‘Ritorno’

Andrea | Ritorno | Ilian Tape

Release Date: 9 April, 2020

Italian label Ilian Tape has a unique reputation as a loving home for techno that doesn’t quite fit the mold of what one would usually expect; which for artists such as Turin native Andrea, is ultimately the perfect fit. Donning the likes of fellow Turin producer Stenny, whose album ‘Upsurge’ was released via the imprint last year (check out our review of the album here) – the label embraces eccentricity in techno that allows for a breath of fresh air in the genre, which is definitely fitting for an artist like Andrea.

The atmospheres created by Andrea are enriching, with elements of emotive IDM and a unique approach traversing the worlds of house and techno. Shrouding listeners in hypnotic realms gleaming with a dreamlike approach to rhythmic progression and emotional, yet dancefloor-ready cuts is filled with the soul of the Turin electronic music scene – the nostalgic immersion of dark, industrial sounds – and in ‘Ritorno’, the artist demonstrates the playful approach to genre in a mesmerising fashion.

The dark, electro-pulse heartbeat of ‘Drumzzy‘ pounds with heavy intention; a strong, confident progression embraces the rhythmic rattling of metallic sketches – an abstract cacophony of an alien art-form, oscillating synthesisers crafting defiant, battling spaceships amidst extraterrestrial atmospheres. Frantic percussion scatters in a tizzy, engulfing fluctuating electronics in a controlled chaos. Electrifying waves palpitate in a frenzy, the undulating spheres of sound sculpting an atmosphere teeming with a surging adrenaline; elements of drum & bass along with lush IDM engulf the track in a rhythmic whirlwind. Raw splinters of texture scatter vigorously across the soundscape, studding the aura with chattering timbres.

The emphasis of the lavish atmospheric nature of ‘Backdrops‘ crafts an entrancing realm; delicate rolling synths ebb and flow effortlessly within the electronic aura, layering an ocean-scape of undulating ambience – rising and falling as a gentle tide. The buoyancy of driving drum & bass, along with thoughtful trip-hop-esque electronics gleaming with soul peer through the rich sea of colour; rays of texture shimmering with a smooth, dedicated fluidity. The track has an inherent, bounding energy propelling its tempo, yet manages to demonstrate an emotional, reflective mood; the detailed construction of tender electronic atmospheres contesting neatly with the bold stamina of the track.

Twin Forests‘ embraces an ambient intimacy, lush with dreamlike, organic textures; the earthly timbres woven intricately into an auditory traverse reminiscent of the title of track – as if exploring the fertile vibrancy of a forest teeming with cascading falls, emerald leaves and the chattering of natural life. A soulful beat pulses gradually as attentive footsteps following a mountain path, the atmospheric aura of the track showcasing Andrea’s ability to craft energetic, rhythmic dances along with hypnotic, tranquil realms.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Andrea by Ame Basta