Review: Sun Glitters Dives Into Kind, Introspective Dream-Pop In ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow … Today’

Sun Glitters | Yesterday, Tomorrow … Today | DXFXWXU Collective

Release Date: 4 December, 2020

Victor Ferreira, otherwise known under his moniker Sun Glitters is a multi-faceted artist who, while very evidently having developed his own signature style over the years somehow – whether consciously or subconsciously – always seems to know exactly what type of work to release, and when. 

We’ve mentioned before about the apt nature of his moniker – the euphoric, lo-fi chillwave bliss the musician is most well known for shimmers with the serenity of kindness, with a tone of authenticity and tranquility running through his works that sing mesmerising in nature, while cradling a loving warmth that quite frankly – perhaps now more so than ever – we all desperately need.

The feeling one gets within the auditory realm Sun Glitters creates is comforting to say the least; it allows us to genuinely take a deep breath, a moment from the turbulence surrounding us, and gives us permission to just let go; to exist without the frenzied and often terrifying chaos surrounding our everyday lives. So when we say Ferreira tends to release music exactly when we need it most; we find ourselves listening through his work and often exclaiming “wow, I really needed this today.” 

As an example, this could easily be said for the LP he released earlier this year, ‘SSoofftt TToouucchh’ – in which your humble narrator sat down on a drab, rainy day in the midst of personal turmoil to write our review; yet after listening to the album, had that exact same feeling – the nature of the day at large was most definitely improved by the soundscapes Ferreira crafted.

The same can be said for his brand new EP ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow … Today’ released via DXFXWXU Collective. The four-track EP captures Sun Glitter’s signature technique while continuing to showcase the artist’s growth. Also, we really needed this today.

The honeyed atmosphere of ‘Yesterday, Today … Tomorrow’ doesn’t come without the touch melancholy as one may expect, and is ripe with nostalgia; yet with the overall serenity brings a sense of quiet joy amongst the memories that come along with listening to each track. Which is … nice. 

The opening track ‘Summer Soul’ encapsulates Ferreira’s aesthetic in a manner reminiscent of the album artwork itself; yet presents an aura of experimentation that strays from the typical expectations of lo-fi chillwave. The focused and driving beat is lively and animated, yet glittering in its unique composition. The beat lays a strong foundation for the lavish soundscape Ferreira creates, the gentle ebb and flow of delicate synths and sweet vocal samples segue into a meditative interlude which is lush with a reflective tone, the track coming across as kindly introspective.

Tracks such as ‘If When’ and ‘Fall High’ progress with mellow, downtempo beats yet are highly focused on blending genres of nostalgic shoegaze and chillwave into blossoming dream-pop atmospheres filled with calm ambience and layers of textural electronics, allowing the tracks to feel resonant and full while still retaining Ferreira’s skilled lo-fi production techniques.

The closing track ‘Bird Sounds At 6am’ is an apt title; one can imagine the morning summer light streaming through gossamer curtains, the natural awakening of the world around us gleaming with dew droplets and just – life in general – around us, the chirping birds and the feeling of being not-quite-awake but not-quite-asleep either; the pleasant purgatory of an early Sunday morning feel. ‘Bird Sounds at 6am’ is intricately woven with introspection, gentler than tracks such as ‘Summer Soul’.

The atmospheric nature of the EP is bountiful with textural electronics woven together in a manner that comes across as very well written and produced as well as authentic and personal, which is a joy to experience especially in times such as these.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Sun Glitters via Facebook / Bandcamp

Review by Jenna Dreisenstock

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