Review: Still Corners Explore The Dreamlike World Of Reflective Road Trips In ‘The Last Exit’

Still Corners | The Last Exit | Wrecking Light Records

Release date: 22nd January, 2021

From dreamy synth-pop to indie-folk rock; with each release Still Corners – made up of Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes – always manage to capture our hearts with the loving, personal reflection that glitters fondly within their bewitching sound. In their latest and fifth album ‘The Last Exit’, the duo take on themes of exploration: the folklore behind what could possibly be as they explored a beautiful, vast wilderness during tranquil, ethereal road trips.

We found something out there in the desert – something in the vast landscapes that went on forever.

Greg Hughes

In ‘The Last Exit’ we see a release that echoes its intention; an album perfect for road trips – we find ourselves traversing breathtaking realms and soundscapes in the honeyed, mellow atmosphere of each track.

The vocals by songstress Tessa Murray glow with a velveteen nostalgia as the luminous use of multiple guitar techniques shape captivating textures within the dreamlike, surreal world the duo have sculpted.

Tracks such as ‘White Sands’ and ‘Mystery Road’ are euphoric in their dream-pop, indie-folk aura; overall ‘The Last Exit’ in one way or another, feels like a warm, sunny daydream – with a tinge of melancholy in the reflective, shimmering nostalgia.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Still Corners by Bernard Bur