Review: Stenny Crafts An Introspective Dynamic Genre-Dance In ‘Upsurge’ EP

Stenny | Upsurge EP| Ilian Tape

Release Date: 19 November, 2019

Feature Image: Stenny by Nika Andelic

Italian producer Stenny boasts a sound boldly dynamic, open – an embrace of freedom in the experimental, standing out amongst electronic expectations; a DJ breaking genre-boundaries as his approach to production sprawls across the dancefloor with a deeply piercing density. Inspired by the eclectic energy of 90’s techno & IDM, Stenny fashions a dark, emotive tone that could easily induce imagery of early, iconic raves; a lucid industrial uniqueness that sits heavily within the chest.

This type of distinct breakaway from traditional techno fits perfectly within those that make up Ilian Tape, a label that showcases a celebrated ever-evolving eccentricity. Although his releases have been sparse, we’ve seen more work from Stenny in 2019 with his EP ‘Stress Test’ in May – and now, a journey into his latest EP ‘Upsurge’. 

Detraction’ opens with humble synth swells and a rich heartbeat; a looming darkness in it’s slightly melancholic tone, tender rhythmic distortion lush with a feel of emotive IDM. The concise scatter of textures creates delicate layers upon layers, compelling with its drum & bass dance – building effortlessly into a dense wall of sound.

Swordfish’ exhibits a dynamic moodiness; glitchy textures amongst science-fiction synths weave into a submerged pulse, a confident cyber dance – the voices of malfunctioning motherboards curious and alluring in their eccentricity. ‘Swordfish’s repetition showcases a compelling blend of intricate IDM and techno, able to create a trance like swirl with a unique, lucid personality.

Cursed’ bursts with a heartfelt tenderness, touching ambience and lyrical electronic textures sculpting a tone introspective and personal. Drizzling fuzz shimmers with a thoughtful rain, a pulsing heart beat drenched and insightful; a nervous, scurrying melody running laps around the careful, cinematic sound design.

In ‘Upsurge’, Stenny uses an effortless blend of genres to put forth an EP brimming with an attentive dynamism, distinct and intimately crafted; a sense of personal narrative glowing as the album develops to its conclusion – waxing and waning.

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