Review: Ryan Farish’s ‘Positive Chillout’ Beats Bloom With Rich Immersion In ‘Land of the Sky’

Ryan Farish | Land of The Sky | RYTONE Entertainment

Release Date: 19 June, 2020

For acclaimed American producer, DJ and composer Ryan Farish: crafting electronic music is a multifaceted affair – always dynamic, refreshing, ever-expanding – but ultimately, his works over the past decade (regardless of what genre labels are used to describe them) prove that the multi-instrumentalist is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing artists in the electronic music realm.

While not necessarily focused on creating tracks for the dancefloor, this is one of the elements that allows for Farish’s work to stand out in an incredibly unique and alluring manner: especially in an industry that can undoubtedly find itself oversaturated with similar sounds, the artist is open to bringing something new to the table with each of his creations, blending genres in a manner that is seemingly effortless.

Farish exhibits a vibrant ability to blend hypnotic ambience with an uplifting aura and has become known for his prowess when it comes to sculpting rich, immersive atmospheres with a quite evident, highly skilled approach to intricate sound design – a skill flourishing with emotive and trance-like beauty. While the artist has shown his clear ability to create upbeat dance floor ready cuts, his conceptual approach to his lovingly tranquil chillwave, downtempo style blossoms with emotion: however instead of delving into a slow melancholia, Farish is known for his ‘positive chillout’ which is a wonderful journey to embark upon.

With the release of his latest (and 19th!) studio album ‘Land of the Sky’, the composer embraces the dreamlike qualities of the lavish electronic textures he is best known for, allowing for a deeply engaging traverse across Farish’s mesmerising realm, released via his own imprint RYTONE Entertainment.

One of the first aspects of ‘Land of the Sky‘ that stands out radiantly is the extraordinarily dynamic range presented within the collection of twelve tracks. It feels as though there is a track within the album for listeners with a variety of broad tastes – Farish has crafted the tracks in such a way that demonstrate an exceptionally polished approach to blending genres.

While his skill in that regard is clear, there is still an air of playfulness surrounding the varying elements of different genres within the album: the willingness to experiment with tranquil, idyllic downtempo beats, neon synth-driven nostalgia – contemporary, emotional chillwave stylings along with tracks that could easily be imagined as highly engaging cuts on the dancefloor – this type of experimentation within an album is a bold and difficult feat, yet something the artist manages to pull off in an way that comes across as charming and charismatic, as his auditory personality shines through with each listen.

Opening tracks such as ‘Day After‘ and ‘Rush over Me‘ shimmer as soundscapes rich with instrumental and electronic textures, melodious harmonies and steady, downtempo beats: the honeyed swell of lush, ambient synths and kind, loving keys exude a feeling of warmth – a peaceful, sunlit comfort teeming with emotion, but in a manner that brightens one’s mood, the tone of each track lavish with a sense of hope – rather reminiscent in sound to the visual of the album artwork.

The artist’s ability to craft for the dancefloor is especially clear in tracks such as the titular ‘Land of the Sky‘ – pulsing with an atmosphere that is almost anthemic in tone – the joyful energy of the kaleidoscopically bright beats and use of carefully woven layers of various timbres of percussion allow for an entrancing lively swirl.

The album closer ‘Sacred Mountain‘ further expands on the lighthearted animation of the artist’s ability to create a rosy textural dance, the buoyant tempo in conjunction with vocal samples that are almost ritualistic and trance-like in nature can definitely be imagined with joy in a club environment.

Overall, ‘Land of the Sky’ is a genuinely enjoyable traverse that, with it’s encouraging tone and experimental nature in splicing genres, has something for everyone without coming across as disjointed: Farish’s distinct auditory personality gleams luminously within each track, beaming with golden sunlit rays.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Ryan Farish via Bandcamp