REVIEW: Road Hog – On The Lam

Galcher Lustwerk has been a name on everyone’s lips since he dropped 100% Galcher mix back in 2013.  The hour long mix showcased his palette to world, expertly sounding like every great house record you have ever heard whilst managing to retain something fresh. He’s won plaudits from fellow DJ’s and the media, and has established himself firmly at the forefront of the house scene both in America and worldwide. Instead of resting on his laurels, Lustwerk has continued to push on with launching his own label, Lustwerk Music, which he used to release a couple of his own EP’s ‘Parlay‘ and  ‘I Neva Seen‘ earlier this year.  Both EP’s achieved critical acclaim and only served to enhance Lustwerks burgeoning reputation.

His latest release comes under the alias Road HogIt’s his second release under the moniker and perhaps a nod to Lustwerk’s globetrotting schedule. On The Lam, again, is comprised of seven tracks and has been released through Bandcamp.  The seven tracks encompass ambient, dark, emotive house with elements of techno prevalent as always. Heavy  atmosphere, brooding synths and filtering percussion are at the forefront of the Road Hog sound.

Comparisons will inevitably be drawn between the two EP’s, and the most striking similarity is the way they both play out like a journey, and it feels like this was always Lustwerk’s intention. On The Lam, as the title suggests, provides an excellent escape but it is by no means a record you can put on and ignore.   Lustwerk has built something a far cry away from a whimsical side project, On The Lam is the sound of an artist with a clear vision. Road Hog or Galcher Lustwerk is an artist right at the top of his game.

Listen to On The Lam in full below.

Words by Joseph Docherty