Review: Red Axes Showcase Their Unique Blend Of New-Wave Psychedelia In ‘Voom’ EP

Red Axes | Voom | Dark Entities

Release Date: 6 December, 2019

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israeli duo Red Axes – comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arz – wear a multitude of inspirations on their sleeve; drawing from genres such as new wave, post-punk and disco, the duo incorporate a refreshing take of indie-psychedelia (with hints of the signature 80’s synth-pop goth) into their dancefloor electronica while avoiding the cliche. Furthermore, with the duo’s house and techno influences punctuating their signature style, their live shows are known for a vibrant, hypersonic energy that keeps audiences entranced; often described as a hypnotic pandemonium. Their latest 4 track EP entitled ‘Voom’, released via Dark Entities, showcases the duo’s unique blend of inspiration into a coherent personality.D

A hearty bounce graces ‘Dosa‘s opening; the sturdy pulse of a rhythmic kick forming an ambitious, confident heartbeat – synthesiser swells studding the soundscape with an atmospheric ambience, a smooth segue into joyful, percussive cowbell beats; a lyrical dance metamorphosing into distinguishing patterns. A sonorous tone coats the focused bass, as layers of timbres commune with one another; influences of new-wave peek through in a pounding roll of tom drums, a signature 80’s inspiration – chiming bells and shadowy sirens boosting a dark, slightly gothic overall tone.

Mister Q‘ introduces itself with a booming kick; a lilting morse code calling out in repetition – digital voices chirp amongst bustling rattles, new-wave gliding gracefully in progression with the genre’s signature resonance; rising synths like neon suns in a cyberspace continuum. Otherworldly atmospheres form an aural alignment – an animated, playful synth converses in extraterrestrial gestures, spaceships traversing pulsating metallic mazes in a confident close.

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Rating: 6.5 / 10

Feature Image: Red Axes by Gabriel Baharlia

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