Review: Pulse Emitter’s Celestial Interstellar Journey In ‘Swirlings’

Pulse Emitter | Swirlings | Hausu Mountain

Release Date: 17 January, 2020

When it comes to Pulse Emitters’ compositions, one of the most noticeable features is his intricately sculpted science-fiction lucid dream. With even his byname bringing to mind spaceships gleaming with out-of-this world radiation, Portland-based producer (and classically trained musician) Daryl Groetsch is an expert when it comes to exploring alien worlds through his sound. 

A tour guide within his personal cosmic narrative, the artist’s use of extraterrestrial electronic textures springs forth ambient traverses through intricately constructed martian soundscapes. Experimenting with electronic music in the late 90’s while mastering his musical character since the early 2000’s, the adventurous experimentation Groetsch showcases is preset even with the equipment he dons; textural construction is not limited to contemporary synthesisers – sometimes, homemade contraptions can provide one with the most distinct sounds, and when combined with a specific technical craft as well as explorations of vintage equipment – allows for compositions that are inherently unique.

Swirlings’, Pulse Emitter’s latest LP release further demonstrates the left-field producer’s skill at building galactic worlds through his unmistakable vision, released as a first on label Hausu Mountain.

The shimmering synths that open ‘Electron Central’ flourish as alien flora blooming; a lush, thriving world ripe with unusual species, gleaming petals of never-before-seen plants, sprouting in the curious ambient soundscapes – horizons cradling unusual colours stretching across an unmapped world. Electronics flutter as inquisitive creatures roaming a new environment, untouched by the earthly fingers of humankind – a glowing, atmospheric track illustrating the first step onto an extraterrestrial planet. Oscillating synths tinged with cyper-space technology swell into a bright ethereal exploration of a distant galaxy.

Otherworldly celestial drones induce ‘Fairy Tree’ into existence; a panorama of cosmic, bizarre life gleaming from outside the fortified windows of a spacecraft as it lands carefully on interstellar terrain. Gentle rippling timbres spread throughout the sphere of sound, a bright glittering liquid; distant rivers flowing through the unexplored environment, nourishing the exotic organisms inhabiting the swirling unearthly planet. As the track name suggests, the delicate dancing electronics bring to mind imagery of glowing, enchanting souls building homes in a flowering forest – the layers of sound bewitching as the metaphorical world propers in a remote universe.

The star-studded ambience opening ‘Ripples’ mushrooms an aura of blissful discovery; stepping foot into a realm lustrous with incandescent light – falling across meadows newborn to the human eye. Harmonious footsteps reminiscent of a xylophone dance produce the feel of a jungle; rich emerald tones crisp and rosy, adventuring through a forest teeming with life bizarre yet mesmerising. Imagery springs to mind of explorers and archaeologists searching for mythological artifacts, moments of introspective ambient passages allowing for a peaceful journey; layers of emotive electronics reverberating tenderly into a rich passage of soulful symbiosis.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: Pulse Emitter by Matt Giley

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