REVIEW: Pangaea – Something In Your Eye

Pangaea.  The primordial land mass.  Also the interview-shy 2-step maestro.  One of them has released ‘Something In Your Eye’, the first track on an upcoming EP (the other hasn’t released much in the last couple of years beyond the odd pyroclastic flow).

Imagine four children who stumble across a box of percussive instruments and somehow manage to strike up a 4/4 beat between them.  Add to that the sounds of a synthesised and stripped down piece of muzak from a Chinese restaurant and you have rather a good idea of what Something In Your Eye sounds like.  Trippy describes it.  And the track name suggests that you won’t understand it.

But is it any good?  Reputedly Pangaea first started listening to electronic music when he heard the Prodigy on the radio as a spritely young seven year old.  To his mind their music was both ‘Weird and enigmatic’.  Well, gone are any traces of techno, hardcore or even dubstep.  Yet listen a little closer to Something In Your Eye and you realise what the track is – prelude.  The jumble of percussive hits builds without the half-born melody ever breaking the tension. Leaving the audience jittery, fidgeting, shuffling to something, but not quite knowing what.

The upcoming EP will have the answer.  Until then we have a little ‘Weird and enigmatic’ track asking the question.

The Hessle Audio member will release the full 12″, ‘New Shapes In The Air, on Hadal June 15.