Review: MACHINEDRUM’s ‘Kane Train’ (Ft. Freddie Gibbs) & ‘Ur2yung’ Flows With Contemporary Sentiment

MACHINEDRUM | Kane Train (Ft. Freddie Gibbs) + Ur2yung (singles) | Ninja Tune

Release Date: 7 August, 2020

Album ‘A View Of U’ Release Date: 9 October, 2020

For Travis Stewart, otherwise (in this context!) known as Machinedrum – experimentation is key to the evolution of his works, and always has been since his debut: the start of his outstanding career just over two decades ago. A leading figure in the electronic music realm due to his ever-expanding take on a plethora of genres and his traverse across a variety of different scenes: whether it be IDM, drum & bass, house, hip-hop, jungle and UK rave, the artist never fails to delight with his multitude of releases over the years.

Performing under a variety of aliases, the LA-based producer and composer has cemented his reputation as one of the industry’s most illustrious artists, with a multitude of progressive releases (tied not only to his moniker as Machinedrum) earning the artist the most vivid, and brightest of stars. 

His upcoming release, which will be dropping on October 9th via Ninja Tune and titled ‘A View Of U’ – is set to be yet another progressive record from Machinedrum, blending his signature style with multiple outstanding collaborators, allowing for his ninth solo album to be yet another example of the artist’s creative process. In light of ‘A View Of U’, Stewart has released two singles – ‘Kane Train’ featuring American rapper and hip-hop artist Freddie Gibbs, along with the album closer entitled ‘Ur2yung’.

Kane Train’ (feat. Freddie Gibbs) sees Stewart take a dreamlike approach to what could be described as traditional hip-hop samplings of the 90’s; an homage to production values with concise and tight beats, escalated by bursts of glitch and drum & bass influences. The flow of Gibb’s vocal precision within his bold, spirited rap works seemingly effortlessly with Stewart’s electronic prowess.

Ur2yung’ works in perfect conjunction with ‘Kane Train’, almost serving as an atmospheric reprise to the previous track, accompanying it with a rich, textural soundscape in lieu of Gibb’s vocals.

The strong, confident beats are flexible in nature, in that they traverse across an array of various genres, styles and technique associated with percussive experimentation; intriguing in their jump-start danceability. Despite ‘Kane Train’ and ‘Ur2yung’ standing at 8 tracks apart from one another on the album itself, they are incredibly cohesive – carrying a similar essence in both tone and mood.

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Rating: 8 / 10

Feature Image: MACHINEDRUM by Bethany Vargas