Review: John Digweed’s Ambitious Genre Traverse Across 4 Discs In ‘QUATTRO’

John Digweed | QUATTRO | Bedrock Records

Release Date: 3 April, 2020

Coming together with acclaimed artists in the electronic music industry, as well as talented producers making waves in the music world and brimming with potential: John Digweed’s multi-collaborative labour over love in his latest release ‘QUATTRO’ encompasses a personality so eagerly ambitious in its lush variety of tracks – the myriad of sounds and vivid auditory personality present in this release allows for a unique traverse, a rich journey across the possibilities of genre.

Known for his prowess in production, Digweed’s dedication to the album allowed him to fully immerse himself in ‘QUATTRO’ – with the artist mixing all tracks by himself, all 45 tracks and released via his own imprint, Bedrock Records. Spanning 4 discs and teeming with life: each offering opens a new glimmering realm, as if stepping through a portal with each transition. Each disc on ‘QUATTRO’ glimmers with a new type of sound, allowing accessibility for all fans: 

SOUNDSCAPE cradles lavish atmospheres, blending an engrossing cinematic feel with intricately constructed ambience and the emotive immersion of a thoughtful downtempo aura. Layers of textural electronics work effortlessly with the introspective oscillations of swelling, blossoming synths, glittering timbres and eager digital whirlwinds – stretching across the soundscapes as delicate horizons; airy and light in the sheer, gossamer fluidity of their movement, undoubtedly easy to get lost in its meditative exploration.

TEMPO splices the craft of textural ambience and mesmerising atmosphere into the uplift of techno and deep house; segueing effortlessly from SOUNDSCAPE: the loving tenderness of the cinematic timbres shimmer with a joyful electricity in TEMPOs accelerated dance – the jovial nature of TEMPO is lush and engaging, a pleasant, well-paced progression bright and vivid with a charming, playful warmth encompassing the disc.

REDUX is another gear up with bold, kaleidoscopic cuts and remixes; a jovial upbeat glide into the lively animation of nu-disco and acid, coloured by the segue of deep house and techno from the previous charm of TEMPO. Perhaps most suited to the dancefloor, REDUX urges the joy of movement with its steady, pulsing beats – a beguiling, inviting nature that is genuinely fun in its composition. Vibrant, intricately woven threads of texture sculpt a provocative psychedelia, whirling with a prismatic, lively fascination; a sprightly combination of genres working together as bewitching companions.

The final disc JUXTAPOSITION is aptly named, especially as a closer; moving into territories ripe with experimentation, the detailed craft of it’s obscurity from Digweed and Nick Muir offers an experience that is noticeably different from its predecessor; a spellbinding cloak of darkness overlays each progression, the slight curiosity of phantoms in an experimental ball, with a textural approach foreign and inviting. At times, the slight disconcert of gritty distortion bleeds raw, the attentive use of haunting ambience shrouded with a midnight aura beneath a starry sky. The combination of downtempo, emotional beats glowing with an idyllic wave-esque feel with contrast of occasional, ominous nightfall ambience allows JUXTAPOSITION to boldly stand-out: despite the different approach to all the discs, QUATTRO progresses smoothly and delightfully from one disc to the other.

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Rating: 8.5 / 10

Feature Image: John Digweed / Press Photograph