Review: Hologramme ‘SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1’

Enigmatic and versatile Canadian producer and arranger Hologramme returns to grace us with a new album titled, SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1, released on the 29th of September 2023 via his own imprint Société Holographique de Montréal. Having garnered over 5.2 million streams across all platforms, Hologramme has also appeared at the likes of Piknic Electronik (Montreal), and Timeless Festival in South Africa, alongside heavyweights such as Royksopp and Tycho, as well as Montreal Jazz Fest in 2022 where he headlined to over 3000+ attendees. In addition to this, he’s toured in support of the likes of Fakear and Mome,  and is currently showing no signs of slowing down. The focus track ‘Unfold’ has already picked up significant momentum, with its addition to the Spotify Editorial Playlist, “Brain Food”, as well as premiering on mixmag magazine.


SOLEDAD Opus 32 No.1 delves deep into the imaginative world of Hologramme. Each track within the album radiates its own unique brilliance, contributing to a larger narrative that the album encapsulates. With its diverse appeal, this record has the ability to captivate a wide range of listeners, whether they are aficionados of classical, jazz, or downtempo electronic music. Immersed in a symphony of bubbling synths and enriched by lush strings and arpeggios, each composition exudes a soothing tranquility while maintaining a consistently high-energy vibe that seamlessly weaves the songs together. It’s easy to tell that there is a rich sonic tapestry here,  provided mainly by Hologramme‘s rich array of analog synthesizers.


From the symphonic brilliance of ‘Adagio No 1‘, to the summer filled radiance of ‘Candide‘, or the hard hitting breakbeat pulsation of ‘Aphrodite‘, one thing is crystal clear: SOLEDAD Opus 32 No.1 is devoid of filler tracks. Each piece commands your undivided attention. The focus track, ‘Unfold‘, embarks on a kaleidoscopic journey. Beginning with a gradual ascent over emotive, velvety pads, it features a fluttering arpeggio as its centerpiece, gracefully giving way to the rhythmic embrace of drum machines and intricate pad progressions. As the title suggests, ‘Unfold‘ gradually expands and flourishes, ultimately unfurling into a breathtaking electronic crescendo adorned with a club-ready beat and bassline. Overall, it’s a phenomenal and phantasmal experience loaded with musicality, certain to entertain even the most critical of listeners.


Hologramme had this to say on the album: “SOLEDAD opus 32 no.1 is an exploratory album and a screenshot of a transitional moment in my personal life. With this new opus, I allowed myself to study different musical styles without putting restrictions on myself. I imagined this album as if it were a film, separated into two chapters by the Adagios. It’s a record that can be listened to with your eyes closed since it is loaded with images. I also believe that it was a moment in my life where I understood the importance of imperfection in art. It is an important parallel with life, with relationships and with this indescribable force that holds everything that exists together. HSO32NO1 is a complex album, full of subtleties, loaded with emotions and contrasts, it is a record tailored for active listening, to be consumed without moderation.”



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