REVIEW: Gengahr – A Dream Outside

A Dream Outside’. The title of Gengahr’s debut album kind of says it all. This is a band whose sights are set firmly on making the sunshine; drenching this summer’s festival audiences in their shimmering, immersive soundscapes. Opening cut ‘Dizzy Ghosts’ sets the tone nicely – all fuzzy guitars, snappy drums and Felix Bushe’s trademark falsetto vocal, melding perfectly to provide the album’s first highlight.

The following numbers, ‘She’s A Witch’ and current single ‘Heroine’ offer no let up, with the latter a particular standout. Its silky guitar lines and catchy chorus ably confirming that at their best, Gengahr really are very good. ‘Bathed In Light’ sounds like a slightly poppier Tame Impala, which can only be a good thing. ‘Where I Lie’ is more straightforward, muddy, rock n roll with a driving bass line, John Victor’s soaring guitar solo and tales of ‘Monsters deep inside of me’.


What Gengahr do so impressively on this record, is bring together all the varying aspects of their sound – the dark, murky worlds of their lyrics, where witches and monsters roam, with the light – sweet guitars and beautiful melodies.

Aside from ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’, which showcases a softer, more sultry side to the band, the tail end of ‘A Dream Outside’ perhaps lacks the potency of the majority of its material. Really though, this is because of how impressive the bulk of this album is.

Living up to the hype of being the latest buzz band is never an easy task, but it’s one that Gengahr have taken to without much bother at all. All in all, a fine debut from a band to believe in.

Words by George Cochran