Review: Embracing The Present Moment Of Nosaj Thing’s Calming Trip-Hop Beats In ‘No Mind’

Nosaj Thing | No Mind (EP) | LuckyMe

Release Date: October 21, 2020

With the release of his most recent single ‘For The Light’ back in August, American producer Jason Chung – otherwise known under his pseudonym Nosaj Thing; excited fans as he appeared with his first solo crafted work following his 2017 album ‘Parallels‘.

Known for his outstanding production skill working with some of the biggest artists in the industry and mesmerizing, minimalist trip-hop beats; along with being one of the leading names in the scene when the bliss of the chillwave genre first made its way into the mainstream in late 2000’s and early 2010’s with his beloved 2009 LP ‘Drift’.

His latest EP release titled ‘No Mind’ and released via LuckyMe is described as an emphasis on “the power of mindfulness and presence, told through beats and electronica indebted to ambient and trip hop music.” which for many of us listening right now, is perhaps exactly what we need in our lives – the tranquility of a hypnotic journey in order to centre ourselves – in the midst of the seemingly never-ending chaos in our turbulent and often terrifying world, especially as 2020 has taken such a severe toll on all of us around the globe in a plethora of anxiety.

Luckily, ‘No Mind’ creates that hypnotic journey for us to traverse, as Chung has sculpted rich and tender soundscapes which are almost effortlessly idyllic as they allow us to simply close our eyes and take a deep breath, living in the present moment.

Opening with a track that is beautifully, quintessentially Nosaj Thing; ‘Opal’ cradles lavish soundscapes as the artist layers soothing, meditative electronics in the soft shimmer of kind, loving vocal samples rich with tender ambience. Glittering textures accompany the deep, curious pulse as a slow gradual beat, segueing into rapid percussion that compliments the mood effortlessly.

Mountain’ is focused on the carefully woven threads of intricate textures and emits a calming, idyllic light amongst the gentle, lo-fi-esque trip-hop beats in a euphoric bliss; while one may say the subsequent track ‘Pressure Points’ beams with a contrasting feel.

Pressure Points’ radiates with rhythmic, energetic and absorbing beats, a track one is able to dance with a strong momentum; the repetition of the driving beat that runs throughout is steady and deeply engaging, and while more upbeat than the other tracks – the atmosphere still manages to contain a feeling of introspection, allowing one to focus intently on its spellbinding grasp.

The closing and title track ‘No Mind’ can perhaps be described as a time to rest – sweeping semblance comforting in its ambience, beaming with a feeling of catharsis – finally, a time to breathe, unwind and bring our racing thoughts to a standstill as we appreciate its tranquil reflection.

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Rating: 7.5 / 10

Feature Image: Nosaj Thing via Facebook

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