Review: Donato Dozzy’s Extraterrestrial Bellows of ‘Filo Loves The Acid’

Donato Dozzy | Filo Loves The Acid | Tresor Records

Release Date: 13th July 2018

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock

A structural sound focused on attentive movement, the repetitive propulsion in textural understanding of timbre and submergence: in a visceral techno experience, compelling experimentation stands bold in it’s animation.

For Tresor Records 303rd release, Italian producer Donato Dozzy revealed his third LP ‘Filo Loves The Acid’: the ‘303’ of the Tresor release an homage to his immense and acclaimed skill with the bass synthesizer Roland TB-303 which is beautifully distinguishable in his mastery. Dozzy’s latest expression is dedicated to his lifelong friend Filo, exploring techno as a soundscape with his signature abilities, as well as new experimentation.

Opening the album in a a heartbreak taut, pulled into minimalist greeting and a tone empathetic in nature – ‘Filo’ stands out as a track seeped in compassionate progression. The timbre of this particular track smooths the animated techno world-sphere into a driven feeling of emotion, building in effect drenched electronic textures – as they dance repetitively in a trance-like state; backed in a percussive-esque bass line. ‘Filo’ progresses in a gentleness that differs from the heavier bass induced tracks that capture the album’s upbeat, psychedelic tone and share an embrace of vulnerability.

Immediately followed by ‘Vetta’, the track introduces a confident, bold submerge of a bassline ready to allure listeners as they immerse in mesmer progression; a closed-eye meditation in the strength of tone and rough bubble-pop of electronic opaque. The track swirling synthesizer sci-fi and whirl in an industrial coat, dense yet danceable – warehouse haze and effect drenched push.

A propulsive opening in resonance as we are introduced to ‘Nine O’ Three’, a hypnotic daze into the embrace of Dozzy’s signature techo virtuosity. A track more explorative with the layered expression of an auditory traverse, ‘Nine O’ Three’ sings as a rhythmic trip studded with the textural waves of an electronic soundscape, confident in animation and compelling in it’s entertaining nature.

An extraterrestrial greeting as ‘TB Square’ opens with a kaleidoscopic gentleness, a steady bassline pushing forward in martian swirls and focused movement; swallowed in an aquatic melody which lovingly propels in repetition over the steady bassline. The textural sphere clasps a hazy bubble in sound, with attentive timbre capturing the listener in mesmer.

Filo Loves The Acid’ is a spellbound in techno trance, a haze in bold movement and driving bass-lines; textural expression in confident repetition and exploration – Donato Dozzy explores an auditory landscape with his striking personality and psychedelic electronic excitement.









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