Review: David Vunk – Trouble Tonight

Omnidisc Records has had a history of releasing exciting techno, house, and acid tracks that blend time and space in the dead of night for those of us that like to spend weekends in the dark corners of an illegal rave. With that in mind, their latest release Trouble Tonight, from the often underrated but heavily well-respected artist David Vunk, is a spectacular piece that keeps the record label’s tradition of instant classics intact.

Vunk became famous in the 90’s for his high energy DJ-ing, and it’s evident that the old school traditions of dance still reign strong in this EP. Front to back, elements of acid take the listener on several journeys at once- we peer into the mind of the artist, respectfully venture into music history, and bang our heads by taking moments to enjoy just how catchy it all is at its core.

The goal feels incredibly simple in this EP, and at the end, Vunk, and any other DJ’s who choose to use these songs as their weapons for the night, will get people out and dancing. It’s ode to acid tracks of the past while still being refreshing- it’s well mastered, stunningly catchy, and easy to digest without dumbing anything down. If it’s dance music you appreciate, this EP will be what you’re looking for.

Trouble Tonight is out now via Bandcamp.