After the long wait Daniel Avery’s hyped extended mix for the next instalment of DJ-Kicks,is now available to buy today.

In the signature form of the !K7 imprint’s serial compilations, Avery’s curation features a unique mix of unreleased tracks… including a new production from Rote.

Avery describes the 15-track collection as surreal and transcendent in style: “The music that always hits hardest is what I’d consider to be unreal… something that sounds like it comes from another place entirely and moves at its own pace.

“I want to create those moments where opening your eyes on a dance floor becomes difficult. When the outside world is nothing more than a distant thought.” He certainly succeeds in doing just that, and its release is sequential timing. It makes the perfect Friday night soundtrack to help forget the working week, and sooth the senses into heightened awareness once more.

See the full track-list below:

1. In Aeternam Vale – Soundscape I
2. Daniel Avery – Sensation (Rrose Remix)
3. Shlømo – Vertigo
4. Planetary Assault Systems – Dungeon
5. Ekserd – Hidden Document II (Svreca Remix)
6. BLNDR – Untitled 3 (Modvs Remix)
7. Ulwhednar – Stortorget
8. Artefakt – The Fifth Planet
9. Post Scriptum – Donbelief
10. JP Enfant – Sirens
11. IORI – Maya // Rote – Look In Your Eyes
12. Lewis Fautzi – Blood
13. Daniel Avery – A Mechanical Sky (DJ-Kicks)
14. Slam – Cirklon Bells (Edit-Select Remix)
15. Daniel Avery – Space Echo

Daniel Avery: A Mechanical Sky-DJ Kicks

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