Review: Dancing To The End Of The World In Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition)

Grimes (ft. Various Artists) | Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition) | 4AD

Release Date: January 1st, 2021

On February 21st 2020, Canadian musician and now pop-sensation icon Claire Boucher, otherwise known under her moniker Grimes, released her now critically acclaimed album ‘Miss Anthropocene‘. An ode to a supernatural being created by the artist; Grimes has described Miss Anthropocene as the Goddess of the Climate Crisis in what was her 5th album release – a concept scheduled around an entity ready to embrace the end of the world.

The “Anthropocene” era is proposed as a geological epoch defined by the significant (and detrimental) impact human beings have had on the earth, our dominance on the environment; and with this theme in mind, Grimes embraced the concept with great ambition. With humankind the perpetrators responsible for the carnage that has left the planet in severe crisis, Miss Anthropocene aims to bring about the end of everything – yet with perhaps the most optimistic attitude for a Goddess of annihilation – similar in concept, as destruction is its own form of creation.

Poet of destruction,
Hereby declare that Global Warming is good.

So, you humans have carved your existence into the earth,
Lest you be forgotten.
Why lament?

Be who you are, embrace your demise,
For you are the architect of it.

How smart you are, to eradicate a species as resilient as your own.
Why deny your power?

It’s the greatest show in the universe.
Celebrate with me, the most momentous of deaths.

Now is the time to burn twice as bright and half as long.

Miss Anthropocene

In her latest release, ‘Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition)’ – Grimes allows for the end of the world to not be that of terror or fear – but rather, a remix album. Now, we can dance our way into the endless void in which the Goddess intends to swallow us.

With a brand new approach to what feels like an almost completely different album; Grimes has worked with some of the leading names in the electronic music industry on the ‘Rave Edition’ of Miss Anthropocene, a remixed version of the original boasting a tone so distinct as opposed to the original, the surprise release has been highly welcomed.

The “Rave Edition” of Miss Anthropocene is self-explanatory in its title; moving away from the genre-breaking boundaries and experimentation of the original album by the pop-star, with the choice of artists who have remixed her tracks – Grimes has straight delved into a world dominated by what would mostly be considered techno or electro-house. With prolific and celebrated DJs and electronic musicians such as the highly acclaimed Richie Hawtin and experimental-electronic duo Modeselektor – the careful choice of artist remixes work exceptionally well with Grimes own aesthetic, with the refreshing take from another’s perspective.

In ‘Darkseid’ – remixed by Richie Hawtin – the track opens with a dominant, heavy pulse that runs through one’s veins; the compelling nature of the pounding beat driving the track forward with confidence and a bold, luminous aura – yet retains what many know as Hawtin’s signature style when it comes to techno. Powering forward with a simple repetitive beat, the atmosphere flourishes with gradual layers of textural electronics and eventually segues into a flurry of swirling percussion; a chaotic, mesmerising dance in a rollercoaster of just over 10 minutes.

IDORU’ – initially a fan favourite and branded as an underrated gem on the original album; see German duo Modeselektor take on the remix. In an interesting approach to the track, Modeselektor have allowed for the brightest parts of ‘IDORU’ to shine through with Grimes’ delicate, angelic vocals glittering in the rich and vibrant soundscape – while still managing to construct their own refreshing auditory perspective, adding what is most clearly their personal trademark as artists. The gradual, slow-burning introduction is simplistic and tranquil in its greeting, easing listeners into the track as an oscillating yet still distant beat begins to build and blossoming; the fast tempo simmering gently on the horizon.

As the track moves forward, a heftier beat accompanies the delicate construction of electronic textures; a lo-fi electro-pop feel blended with the urge to dance. Modeselektor’s use of layered textures sculpt an atmospheric soundscape with playful percussive beats bringing the track to a blissful honeyed crescendo, segueing into a relaxed fade as the track comes to a close.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Grimes by Craig Mcdean