REVIEW: Crystal Castles – Deicide

Deicide’ is the second offering from Crystal Castles since the rather acrimonious and well-publicised departure of singer Alice Glass last year, which sparked a bit of a social media war between Glass and fellow founding member Ethan Kath.

When any band loses a member their future immediately is cast into major doubt. When that member happens to be the vocalist, well that’s the final nail in the coffin for any hope of a future.  So when Ethan Kath emerged a couple of months ago with a new Crystal Castles track, ‘Frail‘, there was a large element of surprise. Deicide comes along with the promise of a forthcoming as yet untitled new album.  The track features Glass’s replacement once again shrouded in a cloak of mystery, known only as Edith. Inevitable questions and comparisons will be drawn sonically between the sound of the band post Glass.

Deicide follows Kath’s blueprint for Crystal Castles almost to the letter: synth laden, pulsating, upbeat disco with a dark brooding, almost underlying, chaotic edge. There is an obvious difference stylistically when it comes to the vocals Edith’s ethereal vocals; they’re certainly more restrained than Glass’, as the vocal line floats atop the beat. Kath claimed he alone shouldered the responsibility of shaping their sound aesthetically. How much of that is true remains unknown. However, based on the evidence served up by Decicide, you would have to say it sits comfortably alongside past works. Some bands split up at completely wrong time, leaving fans wondering what might have been. Crystal Castles certainly could have been placed in that category, but they have always been a band that have tried to push the envelope both musically and in their live shows. Deicide demonstrates that this is the sound of a band with the future very much at the forefront of their minds, thankfully.

Listen to Deicide below.

Words by Joseph Docherty