Review: Bullion’s Sunny Downtempo Dream-Pop In ‘We Had A Good Time’ EP

Bullion | We Had A Good Time (EP) | DEEK Recordings

Release Date: 28 February, 2020

For Lisbon-based, West London born producer and songwriter Nathan Jenkins – known under his moniker Bullion – the boundaries of genre are meant to be broken. When to comes to latching on to a specific sound or style, especially in association with one specific pseudonym: Jenkins is unafraid of experimentation, blurring the lines between what is typically expected – and ambitiously delving into a wide variety of genres that allow for intricate and sometimes unexpected offerings from the artist. With releases spanning a multitude of labels, including Young Turks and The Trilogy Tapes; along with his own imprint DEEK Recordings – with the tagline of “Pop, not slop!” and cited as an expressive space for collaborations.

With the release of his most recent EP ‘We Had A Good Time’, Jenkins dives into a realm of what can be loosely described as downtempo ‘bedroom-pop’; an amalgamation of dreamy electronic soundscapes with a driven experimental approach, introspective and filled with intricate and engaging timbres that allow the offering to stand out as more than simply ‘pop’.

The delicate atmosphere surrounding ‘Hula‘ gleams with an intimate introspection; a tender, honeyed synth-pop cut with Jenkin’s relaxed vocals starry and bright with a reflective, warm nostalgia. The soundscape nurses airy timbres, refreshing and spacious; tranquil undulating synths gliding effortlessly as gentle, fluffy clouds – sunny, intricate textures dancing rhythmically. Hues of a kind-hearted melancholia shimmer through the rosy tone of the track – emanating touches of a ‘sad but in a good, loving way’ aura. Fluctuating electronics segue into sweet, glittering harmonies – crisp and glistening with a starlit luminosity; Jenkin’s lyrics are undeniably easy to sing along to, the carefully woven electronic textures and atmospheric ambience dreamlike in nature.

Cinema Down‘ follows with a similiar sunlit disposition; a feeling of sentimentality sings pastoral in the track’s rich golden light, delicate ambient synths rising in a lush, romantic dawn – melodic guitar lines shimmer with affection, dancing in harmony with the steady, yet subtle beat. Curious oscillating synths chirp happily in accompaniment, the glittering beams of vocal harmonies sporadically shining through the atmospheric layers of sound; stuttering electronics whimsical and radiant in closing.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Bullion by Yamandu Roos

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