REVIEW: Andrew Hung – The Plane

If you could channel the adrenaline from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (thanks spellcheck) gym sessions and make music out of it, the result would sound quite a lot like The Plane
Andrew Hung is half of the duo ‘Fuck Buttons’ and has lived an interesting life so far, highlights including: working as a technician for Babestation and opening the London 2012 Olympics.
Let’s talk music. Bristol born Hung has just released his EP Cave Rave, which was written and performed entirely on a Gameboy. He’s expressed that when making music on the move it is hard to adapt to tablets, so a Gameboy (other retro, nostalgia evoking handheld game consoles are available) put through an emulator worked and created a unique sound; much like the one heard on The Plane


You can see from the artwork there’s a bit of a Nintendo feel to it. The track kicks off with the game’s toughest level. Pumping bass forms footsteps with the synths creating tension; it then kicks straight into a fast techno/house hybrid. It is easy to get lost in this 8-bit world and forget the process behind this on-point piece of techno that nods towards Tiga’s jolty, disconnected style.
The Plane builds in a crescendo of fascinating new sounds, and makes for an eerie but infectious listen.
Catch Andrew Hung in Brixton at the Jon Hopkins after party, and keep following this alternative music maker for more out of the box music.
Written by Mark Campion

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