Review: Andras’ Crisp, Experimental Take On Deep House Embodies Album Title ‘Joyful’

Andras | Joyful | Beats In Space

Release Date: 31 January, 2020

Australian DJ, producer, composer and radio host Andrew Wilson’s fruitful collection of monikers is a sheer example of his colourful and broad approach to electronic music. Whether it’s creating downtempo tracks under ‘Wilson Tanner’ in collaboration with John Tanner – the ambient, harmonic drones of his work as ‘Berko’ – or the pastoral electronic melodies under the moniker ‘Art Wilson’: Andrew Wilson’s willingness to branch out and experiment is especially present in his latest release as Andras.

Wilson’s eclectic approach to dance music, electronica and ambient soundscapes allow for an exciting unpredictability from the artist: and with his most recent LP ‘Joyful’, Wilson’s personality as Andras shines through in a refreshing take on acid folk, and acid house – a nostalgic trip through dance music of the 70’s and 90’s, but reworked into a unique, bright and contemporary sound. A portion of the proceeds from ‘Joyful’ will be going toward the Invasive Species Council as part of the Come! Mend! Initiative.

An effervescent bounce opens ‘Live Forever‘, shimmering electronic beads drizzling in an echoic sequence; lively in melody as it enriches the submerged of a self-assured beat. The immersive prolong of atmospheric synths hold steady in the distance, a stretched horizon bringing into the foreground a burst of colour; a playful, upbeat vocal sample cradling the titular phrase repeats as the track balloons into a rich soundscape. An effortless segue into the pulsing resonance of triangle and square bass-lines, a constellation in repeat with the intrigue of a brief interval; delicate sounds of static embracing a unique melody as if straight out of record serenades of the mid 1900’s – before returning to the beat that is the track’s driving force.

The slow chill of ‘Poppy‘s opening eases in with an introspective beat; emotive electronic swells dousing a tender beat, a mellow static in tow. The kind-heart of a looping melody enters a sympathetic thoughtfulness, crisp newborn flowers sprouting from a soft earth in tandem with tranquil, rhythmic percussion. A childlike vocal sample introduces a nostalgic sensitivity to the track, lighthearted and sprightly – exuding a sense of charming bliss. The distant radio static interlude hears the vocals of a time passed; an almost comforting addition, still present as the track returns to the beginning of its harmonious nature.

The nostalgia of ‘River Red‘ is bright and jubilant from the start; a brief greeting in the rise and fall of a reflective synth allows a smooth manoeuvre into the jovial elasticity of undulating alien voices; cheerful in their repetition, the loop takes a breath – only to return with the breakthrough clap of a buoyant dance. Hints of melancholic synths bloom in an aura gradually filling with texture – a soulful ambience opening the door for the brief, a robotic voice popping in as a decorative cyber sample; a colourful addition in closing. A short video, Directed by Carla Uriarte accompanies the track.

As the closer, ‘Goggles‘ embodies the album title – the joyful nature of the track fresh and whimsical. A twinkling polyphony glitters in a cheerful greeting, blossoming into the foreground as a mischievous cyber texture dots the soundscape, a fast-paced heartbeat drawing in the urge to dance; yet the cheerful track still gleams with moments of reflection and drizzling ambience.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Andras by Tess Jetkinoff