Renowned duo Ancient Astronauts release collaborative afrobeats EP

   Image credit: Rob Myers

Music producers Ancient Astronauts have unveiled their noteworthy track ‘Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San’. This song is a taste of what to expect on their newly released EP, Kampala Fire. Renowned for their past work with acts like Thievery Corporation, Akua Naru, The Pharcyde, and DJ Brace the duo have established their name with over 21 million total streams and counting. This latest EP showcases underground Ugandan artists that have captivated this acclaimed duo.  

Speaking of the Ancient Astronauts EP, Dogu tells us: “We have always been huge fans of African music and rhythms from different African regions. Afrobeat from artists like Fela Kuti or Ebo Taylor inspired us a lot when it comes to creating grooves in our own music. Kampala is our home base in East Africa and the studio of my partner label East African Records is the place where we record a lot of music and singers. The city of Kampala is such a special place with a really unique music and party scene that I cannot compare to any other place in this world. As a long follower of Nyabinghi Reggae Music, I was overwhelmed that the origin of Nyabinghi and its unique way of drumming is in Uganda. Since my first travels and tours in East Africa, I was stoked by the huge talent of young and mostly unknown artists within the city that it was a natural move for us to pay homage to that powerful vibe of Kampala.”

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