Remix Review: Bonobo’s Hypnotizing Take On Michael Kiwanuka’s Soulful Track ‘Final Days’

Michael Kiwanuka | Final Days – Remixed by Bonobo | Polydor Records

Release Date: 10 July, 2020

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka is a musician whose passionate, soulful approach to his highly distinct, spellbinding sound stands out amongst those within the indie-folk world in the most striking of ways. The artist, whose velveteen vocals and intricately woven threads of multiple genres has earned his stars not only from his phenomenal skill: but the blend of auditory elements from his Ugandan heritage allows for a lovingly personal experience when engaging with the artist’s work.

A collaboration between two beloved artists is always a compelling experience: with both deeply admired within their respective genres, no matter how much they are similar or may differ from one another: the release of a remix of Michael Kiwanuka’s track ‘Final Days’ by Simon Green, otherwise known as the ever-iconic electronic musician and producer Bonobo is a beautiful spin on an already stunningly immersive track.

Listen to the original track by Michael Kiwanuka here.

Subtle electronic ambience and a quiet, kind beat accompany Kiwanuka’s rich, heartfelt vocals as the track greets listeners – as the artist continues to sing, his strikingly passionate vocals cradle the faint, eloquent beats in their electronic bliss as they begin to flourish in a hopeful, sunlit warmth: the gradual build to the spotlight in a honeyed dance with the pitch of Kiwanuka’s vocals. The ebb and flow of swelling synthesizers tenderly wash the atmosphere in a lush wall of sound, the textural electronics greeting one another in a fluid progression, as layers of timbres grow into an ethereal whole.

As the ambience begins to calm, the track segues effortlessly into an opulent dance: hefty bubbling beats and confident, driven percussion bounce in companionship with Kiwanuka’s vocals, the silken tone of which weave delicately with Bonobo’s use of energetic electronic textures.

The shimmering mesmer of Kiwanuka’s original track is rich with soul, bold and powerful – with the added aspects of Bonobo’s work adding to an aura of authenticity and emotion, while still producing an genuinely upbeat dancefloor-ready cut one could easily find themselves drawn to, the lively movement and seemingly effortless flow a wonderfully compelling collaboration between the two artists.

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Rating: 7 / 10

Feature Image: Bonobo via Ninja Tune & Michael Kiwanuka by Suki Dhanda for the Observer New Review