Rave in Protest – Berlin’s Club Community Fights Back Against The Far-Right

In the wake of a far-right march looming on the horizon, Berlin’s club community is responding in poignant resistance to hate speech, discrimination and violence. Set to happen on Sunday, the 27th of May: an extremist, far-right German political party known as the AfD (Alternative fü Deutschland) has organized a rally for people who consider themselves members of the far-right. Alarmingly, this could attract thousands of supporters from across the country, making it one of the largest right-wing gatherings in recent times.

Resistance is imminent: leftwing collective of Berlin-based venues and clubs: Reclaim Club Culture, is at the helm of a protest ready to crash the rally of the far-right and respond to their hate speech. In recent times, the history of club culture and electronic music has largely been forgotten: the roots of which stem deeply from the LGBT community, as well as racial and ethnic minorities. Hence, in perfect response to far-right ideology – there are many counter-protests planned. Reclaim Club Culture is fighting back by staging a rave in response, a protest which will see dozens of representatives from the music scene band together in the central borough of Mitte – armed with microphones and ready to speak in liberation. Many well known venues are taking part in the protest such as Sisyphos, OHM and Tresor to name a few.

Reclaim Club Culture invites one and all to fight back against intolerance and crash the extremist rally on the 27th with the best way they know how – through the love of club culture and music, to tolerance for one and all, which is inextricably intertwined in the community.

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