Q+A: Five Minutes with Matt Barri

Matt Barri is no stranger to the scene. Having DJ’d internationally and domestically as direct support for artists such as Steve Aoki, Lil Jon and Wooli, he was recently selected as one of the Top 40 Artists To Watch in 2023 by prestigious electronic blog YourEDM. Currently managed by industry legend Seb Webber (ex-Creative Director for TIDAL), his new single “Orbiter” is an explosive and fast-paced track loaded with emotion. The electro beat combines perfectly with the high pitched stabs and melancholic chords, while his voice takes center stage telling a story of love and heartbreak. We caught up with the songwriter, producer, and DJ.

Tell us how you got into music?

I feel like music wasn’t anything I had to get into but something I was born into. I started playing violin at 4, guitar at 9, and just kept learning new instruments and music styles. My grandfather, who was a music producer in the 60’s and 70’s, always played the Beatles in the car. My mom was a theater major and always played broadway, and my dad would play 80’s and 90’s alt rock and new wave. 

We love “Orbiter”. Tell us more about the song and what it means to you?

Thank you! I wrote orbiter in the middle of 2 pretty toxic relationships. One was romantic and one was chemical. I felt distant from myself- honestly I felt distant from everything. 

What was the most defining moment of your musical career?

So far I’ve had a few defining moments. I would say opening for Steve Aoki in Mexico in front of 10,000 people was definitely a highlight, but any time I get to sit down on my computer and express myself is truly my most defining moment. Anytime I get to share my art and connect with someone, that’s what’s most important to me. I want my most defining moment to always be ahead of me, and I never want to stop climbing.

Who would you say is your biggest musical influence?

I’d say my biggest influences in electronic music are Porter Robinson, Madeon, Dillon Francis, and Deadmau5. However I’d say I’m more influenced by rock and alternative music like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Jack White, and of course my grandfather. It’s hard to pinpoint which is the biggest because I consider myself a collage of my influences.

What’s next for Matt Barri?

So much music! I’ve been exploring lots of new (and old) styles and genre’s I’m incorporating into my sound. I’m currently sitting on over 60 unreleased demos so my main focus is getting them done. I’m flirting with this album concept, currently writing and building that world behind the scenes until it’s ready. 

There’s actually one more single from my debut EP which I’ll be releasing with a very special live performance.