Q+A: Five minutes with Hypaton

With a career spanning over 12 years, producer Hypaton’s journey as an artist has been marked by evolution and growth. Inspired by EDM titans like David Guetta, Avicii, and Calvin Harris, he cut his teeth with big room tracks before transitioning toward trance. His latest sound, clever revamps of ’90s classics that have caught the attention of fans on social media, is a testament to his constant quest for inspiration and the desire to evoke nostalgia through his music. With a knack for giving these nostalgic sounds a modern twist, Hypaton has garnered widespread recognition and popularity, even catching the attention of one of his inspirations – David Guetta himself. His latest single, Be My Lover,  a collaboration with Guetta, is already creating a buzz in the industry and racking up millions of streams. We sat down with Hypaton to learn more about his journey, and what’s next for him following the success of Be My Lover.


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Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Be My Lover,’ and what it was like collaborating with David Guetta on this track?

This story is quite hilarious, and it all began as a playful game. One of my closest friends shared the original song’s link because he believed I could create an awesome version of it. At first, my plan was to create a video using a different track, but I chose to surprise him by immediately starting work on the song and sharing it on social media. Soon after, David contacted me, I sent him a demo, and we quickly realised the song had big potential. So, we made the decision to release it. At that moment, I couldn’t quite distinguish if I was in a dream or not. We made significant changes to almost everything in the original track, which is why it sounds so refreshing and brand new. We only retained the original vocals, but we rearranged them in a different manner.


Your revamps of ’90s classics have gained widespread recognition and popularity. What draws you to these nostalgic sounds, and how do you approach the process of giving them a modern twist?

I always begin by listening to 90s playlists on streaming platforms. I believe that 90s vocals are among the most beautiful that exist. Almost all of them speak about love and happiness. I always start by extracting the vocals and begin arranging them in a different way from the original. Sometimes I also change the pitch and immediately try to write a different bassline, so that the song becomes fresher and more suitable for today’s times.

Having been producing EDM and trance for over 12 years, what initially sparked your interest in this genre, and how has your sound evolved over time?

When I received my first computer as a child, I started listening to all the hits by David Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris on YouTube with my sister. We were crazy about them. Then, on social media, I began watching videos of their concerts and I immediately realised that I also wanted to follow that path. I began by creating some big room tracks, as it was trending at the time, then I transitioned to trance, and only recently have I started developing my latest sound, which is characterised by big melodies and highly energetic drops. I’m always looking for new inspiration. I constantly need that unique sensation we experience as children when we discover something new.


Your clever future rave reworks on Instagram reels caught David Guetta’s attention. How did it feel to receive recognition from such a renowned artist, and how has this collaboration influenced your artistic journey?

Receiving approval from David was incredible. I have spent a lot of time dedicated to music, often sacrificing parties with friends or family vacations. I have always believed in my goal, so when I received David’s approval, it was an incredible sensation. I wish everyone in the world could experience it. After the release of the track, my life changed. Many other great artists contacted me, and I also began to understand music more deeply.


With over 50 million views and counting, your music has reached a massive audience and received substantial engagement. How do you think your unique style resonates with listeners on such a wide scale?

I believe it’s every artist’s dream to go to bed and wake up in the morning with millions of streams on their newly released tracks or millions of views on their social media posts. Reading the comments on the videos I post, I have noticed that people really appreciate the simplicity of ideas. Particularly, people love the innovation of new sounds. I must also say that in today’s world, social media is crucial. Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram, an artist’s music can truly reach anyone’s feed. I hope I can be an example for all those producers out there.


Can you describe your creative process when starting a new track? Are there any specific rituals or techniques you use to get into the right mindset?

First and foremost, I never force myself to sit in front of the computer to produce. As my father always says, “The sound is in the air, and it requires a certain atmosphere to capture it” . When I start a song, I always begin with the chords or the bassline. There are days when I spend time experimenting with new sounds without getting any results. I have learned to view these unproductive days not as a failure, but as a necessary step to get closer to finding the right sound. For me, the most important thing is to be happy because I simply can’t produce music around negative vibes. To facilitate the production process, I set myself goals. First, I focus on realising the idea for the track, and once that is done, I move on to the second goal, which is completing the entire track. This approach makes it much easier for me to work, and my mind feels better.


Looking back at your past projects, which one holds a special place in your heart, and why? What made it memorable or significant to your growth as an artist?

Looking back, the project that I hold dear to my heart is a bootleg I made of “Dreams” by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor. I posted a reel with that track, and it went really viral on Instagram. It significantly helped me grow on social media and, most importantly, caught the attention of other famous artists. Who knows, maybe one day I will release that song.

As an artist who has achieved significant success at a young age, what are the biggest lessons you have learned throughout your journey so far?

The most important lesson I have learned is that to have “luck,” you need to be persistent and disciplined. There have been many episodes where my music was rejected. It’s crucial not to give up and to keep going endlessly if you truly believe in your goal. Sooner or later, the right people will come along at the right time.


What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a producer and how have you overcome them? Are there any specific moments that tested your determination and passion for music?

The greatest challenge I faced was university. I have just graduated in dentistry, and managing both music and studies without letting go of either for five years was the most difficult thing. There were times when I questioned if I truly wanted to pursue a career in music, but the answer in my mind was always a resounding yes. I never gave up, and now that I have completed my academic journey, I am experiencing a magical sensation. Knowing that I can finally dedicate all my time to music is truly magical.


Lastly, what can we expect from your upcoming projects? Are there any collaborations, events, or releases that you are particularly excited about and would like to share with your fans?

Certainly, you will see a lot more music being released. My laptop is full of projects waiting to be shared. In a promotional post I did together with David Guetta on Instagram, we wrote, “This is just the beginning,” so no spoilers… I like surprises.


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