Q+A: Five minutes with Child Of

Child Of is a talented producer hailing from New York City, known for crafting melodic house and techno tracks that possess a distinct sonic identity. With a diverse range of musical influences, Child Of’s journey began as a guitarist in influential bands, navigating the global stage. However, a natural transition occurred, shifting his passion from mosh pits to the vibrant energy of dancefloors, giving rise to his artistic persona. His music is characterised by an infusion of genuine and unfiltered emotions, delving into the concept that we are all connected as offspring of the same life source. Child Of had the honour of being selected as one of the artists to remix a track from the legendary Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s final album. The resulting remix, Life In An Experiment, is a captivating electronic masterpiece spanning nine minutes. It opens with crisp and delicate breakbeats, seamlessly blending with Perry’s distinctive vocals. As the track progresses, it intensifies with intricate synthlines and melodies, evolving into an electrifying techno experience while preserving the emotional depth and atmosphere carefully constructed throughout. We caught up with him to find out more about the process.


Download and stream Life Is An Experiment here


Set the tone for us. Why music?

Music is the language of spirit. Simply put, before I knew anything about anything I knew music was my reason for being.


Who are some of your major influences, and how did they help develop your style?

All genres, radio, even non music… anything I hear I believe influences me in some way.


Coming to your recent remix of Life Is An Experiment, how were you approached for this


I actually got a call from an old friend Eric Breightenbach who is the drummer of New Age Doom. He asked me to do a remix and was like why me? It wound up being Lee’s last ever recording and this only added to the surreality. It really is one of the greatest honours of my live (music or otherwise) to be a part of this.


What was the process of remixing music by a legend like Lee Scratch Perry like for you?

I really had no idea what I was going to do and it definitely was a trial and error process. Luckily there was not a very tight deadline, because there were a bunch of versions and I just kind of chipped away, kind of like a sculpture, until there was something I was happy with. I called in my friend Kyle Patrick on the last version because he is a vocal production wizard and I’m so proud of where it ended up.


Can you tell us about your approach to remixing?

Honestly I don’t think I have one. Every time it’s something different. I just try stuff! I will say I’m particularly slow at remixes so maybe this is why.


How did you approach Life Is An Experiment specifically, and did the remix go through many evolutions?

The remix process for this was really an experiment of sorts that went through many clinical trials.


Remix The Universe sees Lee Scratch Perry’s music being interpreted through a number of different electronic music styles. How did you put your unique spin on this track while maintaining the integrity of the original?

I just followed the trail of where my ears were happy. I definitely wanted to use more than just the vocals. New Age Doom made such a unique record and you can hear some of their droney soundscapes in my remix especially in the sections where Lee is more prominent.


What’s on your current playlist?

Robag Whrume, Jeremy Olander, Curses, Yoko Ono


If you could travel back in time and write any song in history, which one would it be?

“The Beautiful Ones” by Prince/


Listen to Life Is An Experiment below.

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