Q+A: Five minutes with Bruno Be

Brazil has quickly become one of the world’s most renowned electronic music destinations, while the artists coming out of the country have risen to join the ranks of today’s foremost tastemakers in dance music. With a career spanning nearly two decades of work and dedication to his craft, Bruno Be is one such artist. Boasting over 100M streams on Spotify, he’s easily one of the leading names in Brazilian electronic music. His impressive resume includes several collaborations with friend and peer Vintage Culture, and a number of high profile remixes that have put him on the global radar. His recent single Silence with fellow Brazilian producers ÜHÜ and IDKARE, released on Alok’s CONTROVERSIA label, has already racked up impressive numbers since its debut last month, and Bruno is rightfully emerging as a major player beyond Brazil’s shores. We caught up with him to find out more about Silence, and what he’s still looking to achieve this far into an incredible career. 

Download and stream Silence here


Bruno, welcome to The Playground!

Thank you for having me!


Set the tone for us. Why music?

Music was always my passion. When I was younger, I started medical school but couldn’t go on with it as my passion was always music. It’s just what makes me happy.


You’ve enjoyed incredible success over the course of your career. What are some goals you would still like to achieve?

I want to leave a legacy in the music business, and make sure that my daughter Helena has the support to study and live her life comfortably. This is my goal as a father, beyond Bruno Be as a musician. During my entire career I’ve been through a lot of moments, but the goal was always the same: to release good music, and to be a good dad.


Could you tell us a bit about the scene in your home country of Brazil?

Brazil’s scene is very diverse. There are a lot of DJs and producers with unique sounds. Some produce for the Brazilian scene only, some for international markets. Today a lot of Brazilian DJs are achieving successes outside of Brazil, conquering international dancefloors, and peaking on various charts – Beatport, for example. The music festivals in Brazil, like Rock in Rio or Lollapalooza, gather a lot of people for their electronic/dance music stages, and some of the DJs perform on the main stages. It’s getting stronger and stronger each year, and the scene is also receiving massive international recognition.


What is one of the special things the Brazilian nightlife scene has to offer that can’t be found anywhere else?

The energy and love from the crowd. Brazilians are very warm and kind people in general, and you can always feel the same on the dance floor as well.

What was it like working with ÜHÜ and IDKARE? How did the collaboration come about?

It was a super easy and pleasant process. Gabriel (ÜHÜ) has been a friend for a long time now, since his old project REPOW. At one point, we just casually chatted about working together, and then it happened. From the very first moments in the studio, we knew it was a match, so everything went pretty fast, and “Silence” was born. IDKARE does a great job too, and is always great to work with, so everything was smooth, easy, and a little bit spontaneous with him. It was a great mix of three people coming together to create something they like.


When you’re making music, what comes first? The sound, or the idea?

I like producing at my own pace and when I feel it is the right time to do so. There’s really no pattern. Sometimes I even work on a few tracks simultaneously, so there’s always something that I can use as inspiration.


Are you a gear head? Talk us through the gear and equipment you enjoy working with?

I use a lot of Korg Minilogue and Moog Sub 37 as hardware, and Diva, Serum and Sylenth as software plugins.


You have a great creative relationship with Vintage Culture. What do you enjoy most about working with him?

It’s very nice to work with your friends, and there’s a lot of similarities on a personal and professional level between Lukas and I. Our relationship goes on for a long time now, from back-to-back sets, parties, afterparties, etc., and we produced a lot of tracks together. It’s always easy to work with him, we always get along.


What makes a successful collaboration, in your opinion?

Musical similarity, to have the same purpose and goal when working on a track, and of course, patience, as sometimes it takes a lot of time to make the pieces fit together.


Are there any new artists on your radar who we should be listening to right now?

My close friend Ownboss. He’s someone that I’ve seen grow since the beginning, and now he has a worldwide hit called “Move Your Body.” I’m very happy for him and for what’s coming next. ÜHÜ has a lot of talent to show as well, so that’s one to watch for me too.


If you had the power to turn back time and write any song in history, which one would it be and why?

I don’t have to go too far back, actually. I think “Innerbloom” from RÜFÜS DU SOL is the song that I wish I had produced. It’s one of the songs that I wouldn’t change at all in any way. I’m sure that in 50 years, that song will still be remembered.


Listen to Silence below.

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