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Prolific ambient duo Psycho & Plastic have shared their album Phantom Bliss via GiveUsYourGold. The album is comprised of ten refreshing tracks that blur the lines between electronic and ambient.  Featured on the album is a previously unheard gem titled ‘The Ocean Between Us’ which has been accompanied by a refined music video, directed by visual artist a-li-ce and 3D artist Max Füllbier.

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The band shared insight on the album: “We want Phantom Bliss to be a mental place of refuge, a sonic safe space to share for you and your friends. When you listen to it, you’ll hopefully feel just as we did while working on this album: Being so completely immersed in the music that you forget all the fears and anxieties that the state of the world induces, at least for a while. Our music is about comfort for everyone who seeks it, and comfort seems to be exceedingly rare and in demand at the moment. But Phantom Bliss is not about creating the illusion that everything is ok while it isn’t.”     

‘The Ocean Between Us’ track beautifully illustrates the atmosphere of distance with its spaced-out notes and piano keys. You can feel the element of heartache, but also a subtle sense of hope. ‘Fragile Targets’ also roped us in with its neo-classical sensibilities. Like shards of glass that have been put back together with precision, Psycho & Plastic highlight the fragility of life itself with this moving track that comforts the broken. 

They previously elaborated on the ‘Fragile Targets’ meaning: “Life is very precious and only a thin line separates us from death. We don’t always notice it but it’s there, everyday. ‘Fragile Targets’ laments the frailty of our existence, acknowledging this truth. The track is our way of coming to terms with our own vulnerability by finding dignity and love in it.”

Featured treasure ‘Imago’ is an acoustic embellished piece that has a sense of intrigue attached to it, but nonetheless, it’s an impassioned and rich track that soothes the loudest of minds. The rest of the LP takes one on an emotional rollercoaster for its duration but the mind is left centred and refreshed.

Psycho & Plastic Live Shows 2022:

August 17th – Krake Festival 2022 at ://about blank

Phantom Bliss LP Tracklist

The Ocean Between Us


A New Trope

Always Midnight

Navigating a Tight Space

Back and Forth

Edge of Uncertainty


Dustlight Memories

Fragile Targets

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  Image credit: Christoph Neumann with Sascha Boldt 

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