Preview: Soundcrash Presents… IGLOOGHOST

Despite not being every dance enthusiast’s cup of tea – IGLOOGHOST is a definite gamechanger in the electronic music scene. So we’d definitely recommend him as ‘one to watch,’ as he takes to the stage to perform a chaotic live set for Soundcrash Presents at their new spot in Haggerston, Echoes tonight!

One of the prodigious electronic label Brainfeeder’s youngest artists, he has totally toyed with the rules of experimental ‘gamer’ style music, venturing far beyond the edges of music with his unique sound waves in production.

A pioneer in sound experimentation, IGLOO creates stories in his music. He is responsible for a massive scale of visual accompaniments to his tracks, which narrate the unfolding story of a levitating gummy worm named Xiangjiao who suffers the tragic, mystifying fate of infinitely flying through peach-coloured portals, with you .

In March he released his second EP entitled Little Grids, featuring remixes from Charlotte Day Wilson, Maxo, and Slugabed. The story behind this magnificent project consists of “three short vignettes that function as glimpses into the antics of several unrelated beings.”

IGLOO admits that one of his main influences in music was Bjork, Four Tet and Ryuichi Sakamoto. His wild imagination has helped cultivate and shape his music into the lucid form it is today.

This intimate show is guaranteed to leave a mark with you. Be prepared for a night pure mental, electronic madness.

“Malliagh (IGLOOGHOST) has captured the imagination of the worldwide electronic music community for his both sound and utterly bizarre visual aesthetic”- XLR8R

IGLOOGHOST’s Soundcloud: here

Buy tickets for tonight via Soundcrash: here

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