PREVIEW: Bambounou Performs Live in Hackney (10/12/16)

In an introductory video produced by Resident Advisor, Bambounou – the alias of Jéremy Guindo-Ziegiestowski – stands behind the deck with a cigarette between his fingers to an enthusiastic crowd that chants for more even as the lights come on. Embodying all the enviable stereotypes of the effortlessly cool Parisienne, the Paris-born artist has been an indisputable icon in the city’s resurging techno scene ever since his debut EP Animism, released in 2010. Since then Bambounou has not been idle, releasing a further two albums, collaborating with the likes of Modselektor, playing alongside Addison Groove and landing his own Boiler Room set earlier this year. Seamlessly fusing the grittier elements of UK garage and dubstep with ambience, it is only with great hype and anticipation that I await his performance this Saturday, 10th of December at Mick’s Garage in Hackney.

What makes Bambounou’s music so distinctive is its diversity. His second full-length album Centrum, released two years after Orbiting, swaps the evocative, sweeping space-scapes of ‘EXO6’ and ‘Orbiting’ for the erratic, trembling tribal rhythms of ‘Composer’ and ‘Oez’. From outer-space to futuristic concrete jungles, his 2014 release with former record label 50WEAPONS sees him forgoing these atmospheric explorations for a more stripped-back, clean-cut aesthetic. Tracks such as ‘Feel Like This’ are perhaps less visually evocative but no less appealing, the addictively repetitive rhythms finding their way with ease onto the dance floor. Striking a balance between the mainstream and the underground, Bambounou ensures that he has something for everybody.

In the same video, friend and fellow musician Valentino Canzani (aka French Fries) comments: “He brings a sexiness to 50WEAPONS.” Although the record label sadly is no longer active, it seems Bambounou has only just begun to warm up. Although 2016 did not see him release any new tracks, his tour sees him travelling from Australia to Russia, and when he comes to London, you can be sure it won’t be a night to forget.

Check out Bambounou’s DJ set for Boiler Room Berlin:

Bambounou Boiler Room Berlin 50Weapons RIP DJ Set

Tickets can be found here.

Words by Jacqui Duan.

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