PREMIERE: You Man share ‘Mind Ballad’ from their extraterrestrial EP “Altered States” forthcoming on Eskimo Rec.

Releasing under Eskimo Recordings, “Altered States” EP will be out September 25th 2020. 

From trance to hip hop and from house to eternity, You Man has maintained an unobstructed creative space that has allowed them to travel to worlds unknown and cultivate a far-out sound. Utilizing this open-minded approach, listeners are bombarded with intersectional sounds springing from diverse backgrounds all synthesizing to initiate this out-of-body project.  

After returning to the electronic scene in 2019 with Tutti Va Bene, Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, hunker down once again to deliver Altered States, a deliberate 4-track EP of mind-expanding proportion. Lured out of their Lille homes and across the Belgian border, the duo found themselves in the iconic underground electronic scene that later birthed the esteemed Eskimo Recordings. Now 20 years later, they make their debut on the label with Altered States, releasing September 25th. 

Set to close the release, ‘Mind Ballad’ is a truly psychedelic accord with rolling bass and high energy beats that carry you to glorious new heights. Follow the narrator, deeper and deeper into this track and become spellbound in the higher vibrations and the intoxicating vocals. 

Enjoy ‘Mind Ballad’ ahead of the official EP release below:


I. You Man – Altered States – 5:53

II. You Man – NonSense – 5:23

III. You Man – The Veil – 5:10 

IV. You Man – Mind Ballad – 7:25

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