[PREMIERE] Techno heavyweight, Joton, shares ‘Exinaut’ as Default Series celebrates its 3 year anniversary

On the occasion of their 3rd anniversary, Default Series presents 23 artists who represent the level and professionalism that this event deserves.

Joton stands out from all the great producers involved and the Newrhythmic Records label head delivers with a signature powerful and intricate techno track, ‘Exinaut’.

With 30 releases under their name, Colombia’s Default Series, headed by Jose Monsalve and Luis G, has maintained a steady output since their first release in August, 2017. 

“In short, it is a celebration where each artist contributes with its essence and where melodies ranging from the atmospheric and mental to the raw and forceful of good techno but always dedicated to the dance floor can be found.”

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Image courtesy of Virado Studio

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