Premiere: Somatoast – Tapping In Boyd Hill

Mark Rubin, aka Somatoast, occupies a sort of neo-vaudevillian space in dance music. As Somatoast, he creates work that walks the tightrope of his electric influences. From circus music to live jazz, these threads are synthesised by Rubin into trippy and left-field forms of dub and downtempo. His upcoming album Creation is Creation, out February 25th on Gravitas Recordings, is a fusion of electronic music and acoustic, organic instrumentation which finds itself occupied with an inquiry into the natural world. 

As the second single from the album, Tapping in Boyd Hill uses actual field recordings of grounding tapping heard in Boyd Hill Nature Preserve in St. Petersburg, Florida. The tapping forms the percussive backbone of the track, which explodes with washes of synth and chiming chords to conjure aural landscapes of both the natural and preternatural realms. As the first track on Creation is Creation, Tapping in Boyd Hill opens the portal into this new phase of Rubin’s work, where the force of human creativity is recognised as the force of all life and creation itself. Listen below, and pre-order Creation is Creation here




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