PREMIERE: Renowned Producer Emika remixes Vincenzo Ramaglia’s ‘La parole 4’

Emika, label head, producer and growing icon, has remixed Vincenzo Ramaglia’s ‘La parole 4’. The remix, set to be released today via PEM Records, features the stunning vocals of Laure Le Prunenec who is the lead singer of the French band, Igorrr. The original single is taken form Vincenzo Ramaglia’s La Parole album. Emika, known for crowd-funding her own symphony, has worked along side several other industry titans including Marcel Dettmann, Amon Tobin and Tommy Four Seven. Building the dramatics one note at a time, Emika paints a vivid soundscape with dashes of eerie vocals and delicate touches of bass to introduce the remix of ‘La parole 4’.

The Berlin-based producer tells us about her favourite part of the single: “The soprano voice with intuitive singing style, combined with otherworldly electronics gave me an immediate feeling to want to interpret this piece.  It’s so highly creative and imaginative, it made it very enticing material. I wanted to play with and transform into a new Emika vibration.”

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Image credit: Sven Marquardt

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