[PREMIERE & INTERVIEW]: Satin Jackets – ‘Think About It’

Landing on the scene in 2012, German producer Tim Bernhardt aka Satin Jackets, has been a shining star of smooth, polished beats to welcoming listeners. Hot off the trail of his 2019 album Solar Nights, Satin Jackets is back with another glamourous hit, solidifying his presence in the indie dance genre. Releasing under the Nu-Disco giant, Eskimo Recordings, ‘Think About It’ is an upbeat escapade, dazzling and opulent in its auditory execution. 

Sequestered in his remote forest studio, this enigmatic producer delivers a fresh fantasy of 70s disco beats for modern-day listeners. Replicating what he believed a magazine cover would sound like, Satin Jackets stylishly constructs refined rhythmic sequences and luminous lyrics to blissful outcomes. ‘Think About It’ cumulates all things disco, with toe-tapping baselines, funky guitar riffs and bewitching vocals, executing to perfection the ideal summer song selection. This song will leave you thinking about it for the entire week. Out for release on June 19th 2020 via Eskimo Recordings

Satin Jackets shared some insight on the creative process and his plans for future below:

Tell us a little about how ‘Think About It’ was conceived? Would you have been listening to a lot of Disco leading up to this?

Disco is basically in my DNA. I’ve been releasing a few instrumental tracks recently which is something I will continue to do as well, so I thought it was the perfect time to ease things up with a good old classy vocal tune.

Take us through working in the legendary Hansa Studios. 

When you walk in, you feel the era of the 70s and 80s. The whole place is stacked with vintage gear and sitting in front of the SSL4000 mixing console while seeing the grand piano on the other side that David Bowie used to play, makes you feel all tingly.

What do you keep close by while you’re working in the studio? 


Think About It’ delivers a pure, funky, nu-disco sound, however, you are known to work with a wide range of styles across releases. What would you say lies at the heart of a Satin Jackets track? 

Being able to feel it. When I read the comments and see how many people do as well, I know I got it right. 

How have you refined your craft since you entered the industry? 

Over the years I learned better mixing and production skills. It also takes a few years to develop your hearing for frequencies and dynamics. I also like to build my studio exactly how I want things to be.

Considering the compromised global situation we currently find ourselves in, has your creative process/approach changed much over the last few weeks/months? If so, how? 

It hasn’t changed much. How I work in my studio has been unaffected by the current situation. I did some traveling within Germany as soon as that was possible again so I took my mobile studio with me.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you this year?

I’ll continue releasing the four-track “Hidden Treasures EP” after “Think About It” and then it’s time for another collaboration with Panama. Also, there will be a remix for Tycho after the one I just released for Kraak & Smaak.

Famous last words? 

Stay safe and thanks for listening!

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By Alaric Hobbs

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