[PREMIERE & INTERVIEW] Nevaeh – Plac Zabaw (The Playground)

Nevaeh is a 22-year-old producer from Poland making music largely molded around the sounds of wave and garage. His latest EP Doves, released in December 2018, is a six-track release that exhibits a lot of maturity in its sounds and progression. Nevaeh has since produced a video for its opening track ‘Peace’.

Nevaeh recently premiered ‘Plac Zabaw’ (‘The Playground’ in Polish) with us, a track that features his characteristic atmospheric vibes and ghostly vocal samples. At this rate, he is a young producer with a bright future.

Press play and read what Nevaeh has to say about his interests, influences, and plans for this year.

Tell us about your journey in music, how long have you been producing? What inspired you to start?

My journey with music began in 2015 when I accidentally discovered the Polish underground bass music scene. I remember listening to Ka-Meal’s Instrumentals vol. 1 and Da Vosk Docta’s Internet Ghetto mixtapes at that time. These two artists were my strongest inspiration to start producing my own music. Another producer that has inspired me was MVEJIMV.

My sound, however, has changed over the years. At first, it was heavily influenced by the cloud rap era of SoundCloud, while recently it has become more focused on wave and future garage. This is not my final form though.

Take us through your collection of gear, tech or software that accompanies you.

My DAW of choice is FL Studio. I’ve been using it from the start and it’s what I’m most comfortable working with. In order to transfer my ideas to my computer, I use my trusty AKAI MPK Mini, although I’m planning to upgrade to something bigger in the near future.

Regarding VST’s my go-tos are Serum, Sylenth1, and Massive. I’m definitely a “bedroom producer”. My setup may be considered humble but it gets the job done, and I’m not planning on creating a proper studio any time soon.

What kind of relationship do you have with the internet? How does this inform your artistic expression?

It goes without saying that the Internet has become the most important tool for music producers. It has changed the way we self-promote and has made it easier for producers to connect with fans through the use of social media outlets.

If it weren’t for the Internet, I wouldn’t have met the many people that are now my close friends, and I definitely would have missed out on the many opportunities to grow as an artist.

Considering the very complicated and heavy global political and social climate, do you feel that music is should be a reflection of this, or an escape from this?

That’s a very good question. In my opinion, music is and should be an escape from all problems in the real world. It transcends all barriers and makes people feel different ways. You can express the whole spectrum of emotions with music and that’s why people turn to it, to have something to relate to. Without it, the world would be a much more gloomy place. That’s why I create my music with the thought that someone, somewhere, would listen to it and forget about the problems that are weighing on their minds… even if just for a brief moment.

Give us an idea of the culture around electronic music in Poland.

Electronic music in Poland is present in bigger cities. Each week you can stumble upon some techno/DnB/trap/house party. However, when it comes to Wave music, I think it’s an ongoing process that has been developing quickly over the past few years.

Originally, wave parties were organized once or twice a month in, mainly, Krakow and Wroclaw. Now you can hear lots of wavey tracks being played at parties held by friends from SUPERSPORT, CZELUŚĆ, MOJO, and also guys from Liquid Ritual, who came straight from the UK to hold events here. The growth of bass music in Poland can be seen in the CZELUŚCIE Festival, which will have it’s third installment this year, and will host important acts such as Skeler & Ytho, Brothel, and Vacant. Generally, I think everything is headed in the right direction, and I’m excited to see what’s more to come!

Who are the emerging artists on your radar?

There are many artists that definitely deserve more attention. The first ones that come to mind are Juche, Ankou, lostageless, DATURA, and Loneliness. These guys are totally worth checking out.

Who would be your dream collaborator?
Well, if we’re talking collabs that most likely won’t happen, I’d say Lorn, Flume, and Sevdaliza. However, realistically speaking, I would love to do a track with Vacant. His music speaks to me one hundred percent.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

I’m a big film lover. I enjoy watching thriller and fantasy movies. Those kinds of genres definitely influence my creative process. I also love the night and everything about it. It lets me free myself from all irrelevant thoughts and allows me to focus only on music.

Breakdown the news for us: what can we expect from you this year?

Lots of singles, interesting collabs, Nevaeh preset packs, and a big project called EUTOPIA, which I can’t talk about much right now, but my friends and I are working hard to make it happen. More info soon, so stay tuned!

Famous last words?

Thank you so, so much for having me! Enjoy the most out of music and never limit your creativity!

Have a great day. <3

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By Alaric Hobbs