[Premiere] Mattia Cupelli – ‘ONWARDS’ video

Italian producer, Mattia Cupelli is premiering his self-directed music video for ‘ONWARDS’ right here, on The Playground ahead of the release of his LP, ‘Underneath’ which is slated for release on the 8th of August. ‘ONWARDS’ is aptly named, signalling his own steps as a musician onwards into a new sound. With this track, you can hear his movement towards this new venture, while it still remains a cohesive sound with his previous two singles.

The video depicts footage of mass transit and snapshots of coding, signally the steps towards a new age. This is paired with images of city skylines and smog, showing the impact the growth of a civilization has had. The infrastructure follows, with shots of power lines as well as fishing vessels taking a step into the limelight. However, hope is not lost as the tempo rises and we are shown images of nature, melded together with classical art. The ultimate impact leaves the viewer knowing that the future can be negative but it also has the chance to be positive. 

‘ONWARDS’ is the last track of the album and is a new beginning to the next sound of Mattia Cupelli that will be explored in the future.”

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