[Premiere] Lucy Mason – ‘Runway’ (NICOLAAS Remix)

London-based dream-pop songstress Lucy Mason is premiering her single, ‘Runway (NICOLAAS Remix)’ right here, on The Playground. The remix is slated for release on 2 August. Mason and NICOLAAS have worked together before, with her appearance on ‘No Stranger Thing (feat Lucy Mason)‘. We got a taste of the synthwave funk producer, NICOLAAS’ collection with his recent releases featuring artists such as Robert Parker and Disco Despair. Traversing the musical landscapes of the ’80s, synth-wave and funk, NICOLAAS has brought to the foreground a sound that is relentlessly groovy and seductive at the same time.

Deep, rolling basslines and lush embellishments set the tone for NICOLAAS’ rework of ‘Runway’, as Lucy Mason’s smooth vocals and sanguine lyrics paint a haunting picture of heartbreak and escape. Reminiscent of the sound of  Breakbot, Gunship, or Kavinsky the track is a sultry retro-wave offering with NICOLAAS’s signature 80’s-style synth work accentuating Mason’s breathy vocals. The production is dynamic and the rhythm of the vocals meeting the beat creates the perfect setting for the listener to be embraced by the track.

Speaking of the track Lucy says: “I have always loved working alongside Rob (NICOLAAS) and although we’ve never met in person we seem to completely understand each other musically. I am in love with his remix of ‘Runway’ and I’ve always felt so lucky to be able to work together. I’m looking forward to whatever we create next!” 



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