Premiere: Listen to BLYPKEN’s neurofuturistic electronica debut, ‘Xyzzed’

Avant Garde sound design in a cinematic movement

It takes an audible patron of philosophy to formulate the eccentricities and dimensions of piercing sound. Fortunately for George Stanciulescu, a Romanian producer, composer and sound-designer known under the moniker of LeVant, he has taken the craft into a new direction. Creating future frequencies by engineering a force of unconventional post-dance sound, BLYPKEN has created an electronic soundtrip with an avant-garde approach in order to produce his first track off his debut EP.

Being unique and exploratory are two essentials the world forgets to teach us. We come to it on our own. For George Stanciulescu, the application he defines music in BLYPKEN is a calling. With a PhD in Philosophy of Digital Music & New Media, his distinction lies in his learnings and in his land. Known as a breeding ground for unusual sound design, Romania has shared its musical successes all over Europe and the globe.

LeVant has performed acclaimed multimedia shows both as a band and as a DJ at various festivals and venues, with a plethora of featured vocalists and guest artists, ranging from theater and film, choreography and the visual arts. His focus has shifted to a more futuristic ethos revolving around a deconstructed mix of techno, industrial and ambient with a cinematic edge.

The EP is set for release in August via Swedish label The Sublunar Society.

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